How to Clear Cookies on iPhone?

How to Clear Cookies on iPhone?

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For iOS users, you probably observed that your Apple device starts to slow down or lag at some point. This often happens when your iPhone, for example, is filled with unnecessary apps, files, and even music that hamper the memory, which causes your smartphone to become slow. So, how to remedy this issue? You need to clear your cookies and cache on your iPhone to boost your device to work faster and continuously.

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How Do Cookies Work?

Cookies are part of the data set on your iPhone or any iOS devices by the site you visited to improve your surfing experience. From keeping your login data to monitoring what websites you always visit or the items, you like on Amazon, cookies and related data make your browsing experience faster, smoother, and more natural. Over time, the cookies and its associated data occupy big storage space on your Apple device and reduce overall performance.

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How to Clear Cookies on iPhone

What’s interesting about Apple devices is they don’t require the same maintenance as macOS or Windows. But they also need support to operate fast even with your refurbished phones that you can buy in Qwikfone. Older iPhones can benefit significantly if you spring clean them. Besides helping your iPhone run a maximum speed, clearing cookies and cache on your device also gives more attention to your more essential apps.

If you’re wondering how do cookies work and how to clear cookies on the iPhone, there are several steps you have to do.

The first thing you must on clearing cookies and cache on your iPhone is to remove the cache on your Safari. Keep in mind that by doing this, it will also sign you out from any sites that you’ve logged in to. Below is what you have to do:

  • On the Settings of your iPhone, browse through the 5th set of choices (where you can find the Passwords and Accounts), and tap Safari.
  • Scroll through until you see the “Clear History and Website Data.” Tap this choice and tap “Clear History and Data” to verify your selection.

After you’re finished with deleting the cache on the Safari, you can begin removing app data on your iPhone.

How to delete your iPhone App Data

The data kept by other apps on your iPhone can cause your device to lag. Luckily, you can remove stored dated through the Usage locates in your Settings and here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Settings option in your iPhone and tap General. Taps iPhone Storage.
  • Browse through until the bottom. This is where you can see all the installed apps on your phone, and they are arranged based on the storage amount they occupy o your device. Select the app that occupying the most space on your iPhone.
  • If Documents & Data is eating more than 500 M, then you might need to delete and download the app again to improve the space. Remember that Documents & Data don’t have dead data. Instead, it includes your documents, saved games, preferences, and downloaded data.
  • If you like to continue, choose the “Delete App” and tap to confirm. Go to the App Store to reinstall the app. This installation will not add your documents and data. This is why you decide if you’ll delete the app

How to Disable the Cookies on iPhone

There’s a way to disable cookies on your iPhone forever, and this is through the Settings, tap Safari, and scroll down until you find “Block All Cookies” and toggle on. Remember that this may stop websites from functioning correctly. An excellent substitute for forever disabling the cookies on your iPhone is to turn on the Private Browsing within the Safari browser if you don’t like cookies amassing.

To activate this, open your Safari browser and tap the Tab icon (which is the two overlying rectangles) at the bottom right corner of your iPhone and tap Private. No more cookies will be stored on your phone while you’re in this browsing mode.

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Restart your iPhone

What’s impressive about Apple devices is they can quickly handle memory even without your participation. However, sometimes when restarting the iPhone, help clear up your iPhone memory so you’ll have extra storage for your apps. Below is how to restart your device.

  • You hold down your iPhone’s power button up to the “slide to power off” shows up on the screen. For iPhones that don’t have a home button, you hold both the power and volume buttons up until the slider on the screen appears.
  • To turn off, right swipe on your iPhone.
  • Once the device is completely off, you press down the power button up to your device restarts again.

Why Delete Cookies and Cache on Your iPhone

As mentioned above, your iPhone devices become slow or lag once the storage space is almost full. You might disregard websites notifying you; they’ll be storing cookies in your device to save data. But these cookies are occupying too much space or memory.  These cookies are small records that are kept on your iPhone to help the website remember you and your browsing history when you revisit it. While these cookies make your surfing more private, they affect your iPhone’s performance, making you delete or block some cookies completely.

Unlike blocking, clearing your cookies is much useful because it makes your user experience more approachable. Apart from deleting the cookies on your iPhone, it’s also suggested that you remove all the history in your browser Safari to give more space. This method also works in boosting how your Safari works, which is an advantage.

If you prefer to use other browsers on your device, you have to do the steps below:

For Chrome

The third-party browsers allow you to delete cookies likewise. The following is how to clear cookies in the Chrome browser.

  • Open Chrome browser, tap the menu in the bottom right part of the screen. It will show up as three horizontal dots
  • Tap “Settings” and tap “Privacy.”
  • Choose “Clear Browsing Data” to enter the page where you’ll be choosing which ones you like to delete from your Chrome’s history.
  • Tap “Cookies, Site Data” and whatever you want to delete. Then tap “Clear Browsing Data.” Verify when you’re asked.

For Firefox

  • On Firefox, tap the menu in the bottom right part of the app.
  • Tap on “Settings” and choose “Data Management.”
  • Choose “Clear Private Data” and tap “OK” to verify your choice.

After you’re finished with all the steps, you start deleting any apps you don’t use anymore in your iPhone or disabling them, particularly those consuming most storage on your phone. 


If your iPhone starts lagging or slowing down, the storage space or memory may be becoming full. With the methods shared above, you understand how do cookies work and how to efficiently clear cookies and caches for your browser and what apps to delete and install again to clear up some space. You’ll realize that doing all these techniques in a while will significantly boost your iPhone’s performance in no time.

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