What is the Best Identity Theft Protection Software?

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Identity theft is the unauthorized use of one’s personal information, and this includes someone’s credit card information, health insurance, and other personal records. When someone has access to your personal information, they may be able to open accounts on your name, make fake bookings, and more.

If your personal information is not highly secured, then they can easily access your account. This is why it is highly recommended that you should secure your account and personal information. Identity theft is all about stealing someone’s information for your personal gain.

Identity Theft Protection

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Identity theft protection uses a combination of technology and professionals to regularly scan your database for suspicious or unusual activity to avoid identity theft. If some fraud is detected, you are immediately alerted via your mobile phone or email. In addition, if you ever become an identity theft victim, most identity theft protection provides you with a recovery assistant to source your personal data from further harm.

Also, it’s a great way or process to protect your personal data for your personal protection. Using this process, they can secure all your information and monitor it. You will be alerted if someone has access or someone is using your identity.

Best Identity Theft Protection Software

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1. Eversafe

One of the best Identity Theft Protection software is Eversafe. Eversafe is an easy and simple solution for digital asset protection. Eversafe realizes that older financial abuse makes up a growing issue, focusing its services on protecting seniors and their loved ones against financial exploitation. The alert system promptly notifies the user for any suspicious activities monitored. It also offers you identity theft, monitoring, web scanning, credit monitoring, and most of the other services that help you in protecting your information.

Its core model features four major functions, which are listed below:

  • Analyze
    • Identity
    • Alert
    • Resolve

Each of these key functions has a unique way to protect your personal information. One thing that makes Eversafe unique is their focus on the identities of the vulnerable population. When the CEO’s mother became a victim of identity theft, he recognized the need for identity protection. He still follows their mission of protecting those who are most at risk by providing the utmost care.

2. IdentityForce

It offers round the clock identity protection support. This identity theft software sends real-time alerts for all suspicious activities detected by certified IdentityForce protection experts. Their team always keeps a close eye on all data such as selling credit and personal data.

For compromised data, instant mobile alerts will be sent immediately and experts handle recovery on your behalf, such as letters and phone calls. Their identity theft protection policy is up to one million dollars. IdentityForce also offers free trials for businesses and families.

3. IdentityIQ

It was founded in 2010, helping individuals protect their sensitive financial and personal data through different identity theft solutions. They offer four plans at affordable prices. Whether you just need only the basics or to safeguard your children, you have a lot of choices.

IdentityIQ offers up to one million dollars in coverage for the lowest tiered plan, including credit monitoring. In this way, you have peace of mind because you’re assured about strict protocols in place. Also, there’s always a safety net if ever your identity gets stolen. The company works through restoration and recovery.

4. LifeLock

LifeLock is committed to protecting your identity using sophisticated solutions, including Norton Security, keeping a close watch on all of your data and devices. LifeLock experts monitor their clients’ Social Security Number (SSN), bank accounts, and devices, tracking any crimes using your name and monitoring credit reports from major credit bureaus.

It has a very good identity when it comes to theft technology because it is designed to scan account transactions, quickly spotting any suspicious activities every second. The coverage includes up to one million dollars in stolen funds, stolen money, and attorney’s fees.

5. Identity Guard

It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in detecting identity threats. The predictive analytics of Identity Guard is superb, providing the utmost security and recovery assistance you need. You can create your Watchlist for Identity Guard. By doing so, you’ll be able to monitor your email address, phone numbers, credit, and accounts.

How to Choose the Best Identity Theft Protection Software

1. Check Available Offers

The best identity theft protection software has a free offer period and other freebies, such as the following:

  • 30- day trial: You’ll be able to assess if the software is suitable for you. It means no charge for all services during this trial period.
  • Spousal Coverage: It’s a great feature and benefit addition for mutual protection.
  • Special protection for the elderly: It’s applicable if you have senior parents or grandparents.

2. Check Availability of Reliable Monitoring Services

When choosing a dependable identity theft software, you also have to check the availability of monitoring services they provide, including the following:

  • Family Dashboard – In this feature, you will be able to monitor all accounts used under your household using only one mobile app. You get instant alerts anytime there is a suspicious activity being detected. Also, it lets you add a trusted family member to help in monitoring your accounts, which could be useful for seniors with caregivers.
  • Personal Profile – When you enroll in a reliable identity software, experts will be analyzing your financial data, behaviors, and transactions to determine fraudulent activities. Experts will use your data to determine questionable activities such as deposits, investments, and withdrawals.
  • Special Senior Support – Choose one that is designed with seniors in mind, their experts specialized in fraud and aging. The creation of the family dashboard, ‘The Trusted Advocate’ feature, and easy-to-use mobile apps are created from the two specialties.

3. Check and Compare the Plans

A good identity theft software plan monitors your bank account and credit card account to detect suspicious activities that can indicate a possible fraudulent activity. Thus, it doesn’t provide credit monitoring. It also scans the dark web for misuse of accounts like credit cards and savings.

Choose a plan that gives you more protection, which includes credit card monitoring, aside from missing deposit and automatic bank notices. You will be immediately alerted whenever any credit cards are opened.

Some of the best package features are as follows:

  • Change of Address Monitoring
  • Identity Restoration
  • Financial Caregiving Support
  • Elder Fraud Detection
  • Alerts Family and Trusted Advocates

Comprehensive coverage is also the best buy, as it includes quarterly credit scores and reports, unauthorized account detection, and tri-bureau credit monitoring. You will also get investment monitoring, aside from your everyday financial monitoring.

The best package features of a comprehensive plan include the following:

  • Erratic Investment Activity
  • Investment Pattern Changes
  • One million dollar service policy

4. Check Warranty

A good identity theft software provider also provides you a warranty, to handle any repairs and replacement. Products have a two-year warranty period from the date of purchase. You will just need to provide a proof of purchase from any authorized Eversafe dealer. The warranty does not cover improper use or everyday wear, damages, and tear.

Watch this video to know how to detect signs of identity theft.



Identity theft is also a situation or problem wherein someone uses your identity for many things, but mostly for money and fame. This is done without the consent of the victim. This is being observed today. For example, the Facebook app, which is a very popular social media app, is used by many people without privacy settings. That’s when identity theft happens. The stolen data is then used to the thief’s advantage to access names, photos, and other personal information.

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