10 Most Trusted Data Encryption Software

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You need to make sure that some of your important and essential details are in a safe place. In order to put your data safely, you may need the encryption. Through data encryption, your security will be kept safe from the people who have bad intentions.

There is ten most trusted data encryption software. You have to use the one that can really be trusted at the same time reliable. Aside from that, use an encryption tool that works best for your interest.

Data Encryption Software: Reliable and Trusted

In this article, you will be able to know the ten recommended data encryption software that you can use for the security of your important files and data. You should read the description of each tool carefully.

·  LastPass

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This is a known tool for managing your password. The good thing about LastPass is that you can use this without charges, but of course, the service it offers is not quite wide and with a limitation. You will be assured that all of your important details, data, and files will be kept secured.

It is a simple tool that you can use. You can use this with some computer programs that can access sites just like, for example, Firefox, Mozilla, and even Google Chrome. It can be used with your cell phones, whether it is Apple or Android.

For this tool, it would be better that you provide a strong password and make sure you will be able to follow the ways for securing your password. You have the option to choose the two-step verification so that your account will be fully secured.

· BitLocker

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Some people choose the BitLocker software for the encryption of their data. You can choose a part of the disk encryption or the whole disk encryption. Just like with the LastPass, you can simply use this, and you will not have to combine different software for encryption

  • Expect of not getting any charges as it is free to use software wherein it can avoid an incident involving the security of your data. This tool covers the whole drive or disk encryption, and you will be safe from those who will try to look for your files without your permission.

As for your files, there will be automatic encryption after you put a file, and you already have access to this software.

· VeraCrypt

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It is somewhat similar to the BitLocker software wherein AES, or the Advanced Encryption Standard was being supported. It enhances the security of your data. You can use this software in OS, X, Windows, and Linux systems. Those who research and develop data can use the code of this software since it is a program that is open-source.

· FileVault 2

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FileVault 2 is software for encryption of the data with MacOS and Mac devices. You can use this software for free. You can encrypt the whole disk using this tool, which is similar to BitLocker as well as with VeraCrypt software. It has an encryption key that would help you in avoiding the use of your data without your permission. There are steps that you should follow when you want to install this software and activate it.

· DiskCry.ptor

DiskCry.ptor is a program that is open-source, and you can access this software without charges. It is best used in securing some of your files and data, whether they are internal or external. This software is designed to use for your Windows OS. It is very easy to use the software.

· 7-Zip

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If you are not into the encryption of your whole disk, you can use this software. It is a tool to use for encrypting data and files with personal details and information specifically. You do not have to pay for this to use it because it is free. You can use it for archive extraction. You can find this software on a site for 7-Zip.

· AxCrypt

AxCrypt and 7-Zip have similarity because they are both a program which is an open-source program. They both the same when it comes to offering free services. It can be used for macOS, Ios, Android, and Windows. There will be an amount of time for the encryption. In this tool, your files and documents will be surely secured.

· HTTPS Everywhere

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Aside from the file encryption, it is important that you are well protected. This browser can be accessed through Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and of course, Google Chrome. This tool is good for securing your activities online.

· Tor Browser

If you do not want your identity to be revealed while using the internet, you can use this tool. You will be secured, and your personal information will be protected as well. You will not be able to access those browsers who will be able to operate and access to your personal IP address.

· CyberGhost

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You can use Virtual Private Network or VPN if you want to keep your identity hidden. Cyberghost is a VPN program that will be able to help you in protecting your information as well as your data and files. You can use this as an assurance of the encryption of important and essential details. Unlike, with the other software, it is a network that is private. However, you will have a trial period, and you will have an assurance of protected data and files.


Whatever encryption software you use, you have to make sure that you use a strong password in all of your essential accounts online. You need to know the description of the software so that you will be able to use the one that you think is best for you. Make sure the data encryption software you have is compatible with your devices and hardware. By properly installing and activating your tool, you have to properly follow the guidelines, and you must be keen enough to look for the most trusted data encryption software.

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