How to Get Free Identity Theft Protection

How to Get Free Identity Theft Protection

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Wherever you go in this world, you’re never guaranteed total security. Every bit and wayside may lead you to a full slip of your lifetime. The digital world we are living in made that more comfortable for us to access and experience. Good luck to every one of us now.

Our realization leaves us to question ourselves, is there any hope then for me? While we surge through the dangerous waters of the online world, we have to be prepared and take the courage of what we need to prepare in our daily online life.

Netizens wish to themselves that they should have learned better. In an open field of information and endless connections, online identity is a must to protect in this digital age.  Most thinkers say that probably leaving off the social media limelight is the best remedy for all this storm.

Living the good old days and connecting through sending letters to your pen pal might be the best way to get the hang of everything.

Yet, we really can never put off technology away.

We need to survive with it if at least we don’t want the entirety of it.

What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is among the several deadly and dangerous sins committed online is stealing another person’s personal information.

Identity Thieves aim to act as the victim to act fraudulently and steal again by making unauthorized purchases, threatening other people, misrepresenting the character of the victim, or give false information in general.

Thieving in this kind of platform involves categories we need to be aware of in thought and deed. There should be a familiarity among us who aim for protection in the face of unchartered seas in social media.

The Common Faces of Identity Theft

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  1. Tax Identity Theft – The imposter will aim to file tax returns using the victim’s personal information, most especially his Social Security Number. Here, money is largely involved so most frequently. They steal from victims for this very reason.
  • Child Identity Theft – This act of theft happens when children’s information is to steal money from a child’s Social Security information.
  • Senior Identity Theft – This way of stealing information focuses on getting the elderly’s information: First, to deceive the elderly of great benefits coming their way. Second, after getting the elderly’s data, it will be used for their selfish acts of fraud.
  • Medical Identity Theft – In this kind of identity theft, fraudulent people get the personal information of the victim to get their card benefits and go away with it.
  • Social Media Identity Theft – The simple act of theft done online is to hack a person’s account and misrepresent the person by posting malicious and often divisive notes attacking another person.

These are just some of the not-so-novel ways to deceive a person. However, as technology advances, it can only get worse and worse.

We never know, maybe one of these days, new ideas shall come upon and surge new ways on how to threat and deceive may be readily available. Nonetheless, we must protect ourselves now.

Free Protection

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There are manifold ways to gain free protection online. One must only stay aware and get protected by expanding the available knowledge to ensure that no resources available will not go to waste.

We highly suggest you use these web extensions and apps to make your way through. Follow these easy steps, and you will find you are on the right track.

  1. Federal Trade Commission (Consumer Information) – this website held by the US Government offers Identity protection services, online and offline. Their main goal is to recover your account and put an end to the career of the thieves.

They warn that whoever wants to partner with them should think over their service before journeying the highs and lows of this protection.

Find them here:

  • Credit Sesame – this site allows for a very reasonable service even they don’t ask for payment. With complete protection including credit alerts, up to $50,000 of insurance when you get frauded upon, and at least a personal service without committing 100%.

They are on top of the line identity protectors, and they deserve every bit of recognition for their top performance in recent years.

Connect with them here:

  • True Identity Protection by Trans Union – This versatile and friendly website offers far more than any protection site could offer. They offer protection in different levels of identity ownership, such as Personal Identity, Business Identity, or any Public Sector who needs protection.

They offer $25,000 of fraud insurance with secured protection and up to date monitoring and alerts.

See them here:

  • Equifax – This exclusive offer brought to you by Equifax if you are a part of their growing team. They offer reasonable and exclusive offers that go for free!

Don’t forget to contact them here:

  • Master Card – Tailored for online banking, MasterCard offers a brand new way to stay safe and secure from all alarms that stays a threat for banking users online.

See their offer here:

However, open and borderless is our present digital life. We are susceptible to danger if we don’t exercise the right application of knowledge. Still, the freeway to protect yourself online is through deciding that you are at stake when you are laid open on the internet.

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