10 Best Free VPN for Windows

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There are many VPNs for your Windows you can get without spending so much money. It is significant that you know the safe and reliable ones. You have to choose VPNs with no hidden fees and can be trusted.

For you to know what best free VPN for Windows you should get, you have to do some research, and you have to know the description of the VPN that you think works the best for you. If it is possible, you can read some reviews for you to know more about it.

Best Free VPNs for your Windows

It is amazing to use VPNs for free. However, you have to know that there might be disadvantages of using those free VPN. If you are aiming for a safe VPN to be used at the same time easy and fast, you can use the ten best free VPN for Windows.

· NordVPN

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You have 30 days for you to get your money back if you think it will not work best for your windows. It is possible that your VPN can be connected with your other gadgets aside from what you mainly connected to your VPN. It has a fast speed, and you can get unlimited bandwidth and data. It is possible for you to watch movies using this VPN or any online TV shows. NordVPN is a large VPN, but it is not entirely free. You are given 30 days to enjoy the service without worrying about your payment. You can assure you of using a safe VPN if you choose to use this.

· ProtonVPN

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Just like with the first VPN, the data of this VPN are unlimited. However, there are only three places when it comes to accessing this VPN. It is only available in the Netherlands, the US, and Japan. It is a good VPN to use because there will not be any advertisements that may bother you whenever you are watching some movies or watching shows of the sites that this VPN can be useful of.

· Windscribe

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It does not offer an unlimited connection. It only has 10 GB data for this, but it is free. You will get additional GB if you are able to refer some friends. If you wish to add five more GB, you can get it through your tweet with its company. It is not difficult to set this VPN up.

· Hotspot Shield

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 You can use this VPN for free. However, you have to know that this VPN only offers data of 500 MB that is good for a day. You can use this one to read some important emails or important messages. You should not worry if you want to try using it first before availing it because it gives its customer a free trial that is good for seven days.

· (Source:

It offers data on 10GB every month. It is not necessary for you to sign on this VPN using your email or your information. Expect of getting a fast connection that is perfect to use when you research something. Remember the free data GB it has, and you should limit yourself in using apps that consume big GB.

· TunnelBear

TunnelBear – GhostBear Mode Bypasses Censorship and Blocks (Source:

The data you get when you use TunnelBear is 500 MB monthly.     This is an ideal VPN for those newbies. There is no limitation when it comes to the server because it is possible to have a connection to lots of places with fast internet speed. However, this VPN is not recommended for installing apps that are big or file that are heavy.

· Opera VPN

Opera VPN – No Limits on Data (Source:

You do not have to register to get this VPN, but you can’t choose your preferred server. Therefore, it will not work for your streaming activity. It offers data that is unlimited and bandwidth. You have to know that there is no certainty when it comes to the safety of your email, as well as your bank transactions. Hence, you should be mindful of using this VPN.

· Speedify

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Unlike with the above-mentioned VPNs, this one offers a data of 2 GB per month. It can be accessed to over 200 serves and over 50 places all over the world. The connection speed is fast when you use this. Though you can access your social media account and you can read some necessary messages using this VPN, it can’t be enough for streaming purposes.

· Betternet VPN

Betternet – Military – Grade Encryption of Anonymous Surfing (Source:

The GB that this VPN has is only 500 MB, which is every month. All you need to do is to download it, and it will not require you to download this VPN. You can rely on this VPN when it comes to your security and safety.

· VPNBook

VPNBook – 100 % Free VPN With Unlimited Bandwidth (Source:

You will be able to enjoy its data connection because it is unlimited. When you talk about its security, it is reliable in protecting its users’ information. It can be easily installed through the use of its guidelines and steps.


 In choosing the best free VPN for windows, you have to consider the availability of its server as well as the protection it provides for its users. Make sure that the VPN you use is suitable for whatever activity you want to do online. It could be for streaming or for just watching movies or shows.

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