Google Privacy Policy: What Every User Should Know

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“We strongly believe that privacy and security are for everyone, not just a few,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai

After decades of collecting data, google has benched mark an important trend in technology and that is privacy. 

The internet is a vast field of information and database, accessed by billions all over the world. Every click, every tap, and every search is vital in the world wide web. But over the years, the issue has been focused on “how safe is the internet when it comes to keeping private or personal information.”

What is Google Private Policy?

Google Private Policy

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In general, a privacy policy is a legal document or a statement that gathers, manages, and uses clients or a customer’s personal data. 

As for Google, the Private Policy is intended to help its users understand what information it collects, the reason, the purpose and allows them to be in control. It will allow Google users to manage, edit, or delete their information. 

In using google services, you are allowing them to have access to your personal information. This information is very important and vital, thus google has created ways to protect your information and keep you in control so you can manage them.

What services are included in Google Private Policy?

Google has a range of services that people or users access every day. These are services and platforms that are being accessed by millions every day. These service and platforms are: 

  • Google Chrome browser and the Android operating system.
  • Google devices, apps, and sites such as Google Home, YouTube, and Google Search.
  • Google ads and embedded in Google Maps.

Google Private Policy will allow you to use these services while protecting your privacy. You can create an account to access these services and platforms. You can create an account if you want to access and manage content like emails and other important information. 

The privacy policy will also allow you to access sites and platforms that will also allow you to access sites and platforms without creating an account. For example, you may use Google to search or browse and watch YouTube videos. Google also will allow you to use Chrome without signing in or use it in Incognito mode. 

What is the information that Google needs from you?

The internet is so wide and at most times we provide personal information that puts our safety at risk. For this very reason, Google’s Private Policy aimed to keep personal information safe and lets you manage your account. 

In creating a google account you may need to provide:

  • Username 
  • Password
  • Payment information (Credit Card Information)
  • Phone Number 
  • Email address

By using Google services, you will be able to manage email, upload content like video, photos, and can let you save documents online.

What essential information Google needs to collect for the user to access their services?

To access Google apps information browser settings, types and settings, device types and settings, operating system, phone number, mobile network, and application version are needed. 

Google also requires information based on the interaction collected on your browsers, applications, and services such as IP Address, date, time, crash reports, and accessed URL’s. The information is collected when you use a Google service on your computer or a smart device like when you purchase something via Google Play Store. The information is collected when the app contacts Google servers. 

Can Google Track my Activity?

Google Track

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Yes. With the Private Policy, Google can track your recent activity especially when you used Google Apps and Platform. These activities are:

  • Browsing History using Google Chrome.
  • Terms or items you have searched. 
  • Videos you have browsed or watched.
  • Purchase information or activities.
  • Interaction with third-party sites and applications that uses Google services.
  • People whom you have contacted or you may have shared content with.
  • Information when you used the audio features.

The good thing about the Private Policy is that it will allow you to manage your information that is saved in your account like passwords or payment information.

Why let Google have access to your location?

By accessing or logging in to Google services, you are allowing Google to access your location. This service is very essential especially if you need direction in driving or getting direction. Your location depends on: 

  • Your device GPS
  • IP Address
  • Wi-Fi access, cell towers, and Bluetooth ready devices

It is important to turn on your device’s GPS or location for Google to have access to your location.

What is the main goal of Google Private Policy?

Google Private Policy

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To keep things simple, Google enhances the security of all Google products to secure and protect your security and protect your personal information. It has developed a system to monitor or keep track of the activities on your Google accounts and allows you to manage the information you used on your google accounts.

For example, if Google detects a threat on account, it will block it or if they detect that your account may be at risk, Google will send you an email or a message informing you of recent activity and walk you through the process to keep you better protected.

An example is that if Google that your email has been opened to a different device, it will send you a notification that your account has been opened and will ask you if you allow access to this activity and if not, it will walk you through the process of securing your email.


Having access to the worldwide web allows us to navigate and get in as much information that we need. It has become part of our daily lives but it can also put our privacy at risk. Privacy and security are of the essence. Google Private Policy is allowing us to have control over what we share and to whom we share it.


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