How do I Stop Bing from Hijacking my Browser?


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Each one of us has own preferences with browsers and search engines, particularly due to the unique style and features offered by each one. You may like Google a lot better than any other alternative, but if Bing
ended up as your default search engine, you would want to change it. The good
thing is that making a change is quite easy and hassle-free.

Bing is one common browser hijacker installed by the PUAs. This changes the so-called search engine and default homepage of the web browsers. That is when it is hard for you to change it back. Unwanted advertisements and pop-ups also come up in the browsers.

The usual changes recommended include the uninstallation of any unknown or strange programs from your computer. Plus, the web browser is also reset. Any unknown or strange extensions are also removed. The cache of the browser is also cleaned. As such, Bing, an undesired search engine, is manually removed from the affected browser.

Also, remember to review the accounts that are linked to the browser. They may be potentially syncing any of the unwanted changes. Look for the startup items at your computer for any unwanted application. Disable and remove them right away.

After you removed all related applications and files and you reset the browsers on the web, you now need to do a full scan of the system. This is to make sure that no threats will then be found.

It also can help you if you search Bing for a step-by-step process to follow. Even a 3rd party tool could be used in this sense. The tool can help find traces and solve the issue.

But, below is the clear step-by-step guide on how you stop Bing from hijacking your browser.

Access the Control Panel

Control Panel


You will need to access the control panel. If you are one of the Vista, Windows XP, & 7 users, you may just choose for the start button. Nevertheless, if you are a Windows 8 user, you must bring the cursor to the right side of the screen. Now look for the Control Panel.

Focus on Anything Looking Suspicious

Access any of the programs installed on your PC. Look through the list. Pay attention to things looking suspicious. There might be an “adware” that relates much to Bing. If there is anything relevant to Bing, uninstall it then. Sort the installation programs according to date. This is true if you have just recently noticed Bing as part of Google. Remove anything that is just recently installed. It is for sure, causing the problem.

Open the Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome browser


You will now need to open your Google Chrome browser. Type the “Chrome://Extensions through the address bar. This is located right above the screen. This will take you to the portal for the installed extensions. This pertains to your browser, Google Chrome. Simply remove anything you are not familiar with. Disable them completely. Keep in mind to focus on anything that contains “Bing”. This is obviously what you need to do.

Check for Plug-in

Next, check for any of the plug-ins that are unknowingly or forcibly installed. Simply type “Chrome://Plugins through your address bar. Continue scrolling down to the installed columns. Disable anything you do not approve of. Click for any of the details found on the top and the right corner of the screen. You will then obtain more information about the specific plug-in you are not sure of.

Check the Settings

Check the Settings


Check the settings. Make sure to set things up properly. Simply type the Chrome://Settings through your address bar. Make sure that everything will look like it should.

Uninstall the Browser

Uninstall the browser and then reinstall it once again. This is also if you have followed all the steps, but Bing is still not removed from your browser. It is said to be a clean install if there is no browser plug-in or toolbar.

Scan Your Computer



Scan your computer after Bing is removed from your browser. This is to say, to clean up the system from possible viruses, infections, and malware.


Even if you are a novice user of a computer, or an expert with systems, it is necessary to be careful about the installation of files. Files often come from sources online or are also installed from a disk. Many software installation packages slide in the toolbar. For one, browser hijack just easily slides in the toolbar and installs it. That is when the browsing experience of users is changed. It does not then go well in their favor. It is best to read the installation of any software carefully. Focus more on the checkboxes. This is to determine whether they should or should not be ticked. This will, for sure, avoid any unwanted problems or installations in the future.

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