AT&T Terms and Conditions: What Users Need to Know

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AT&T has been one of the most popular and trusted network service providers in the US. If you’re considering switching to this company, then you have to know the basics of ATT terms and conditions. Through this, you’ll know how you can benefit more from their service and get the best value for your money. Likewise, knowing the terms and conditions is quite important before accepting and moving forward with AT&T. 

What Does the ATT Terms and Conditions Say?

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The Contract and Term of Service

The wireless services of AT&T can be used with the mobile device containing a SIM card that has been designated to your account. Or, it can be a device designed and bought to be used exclusively with the AT&T network. Meaning, if you subscribe to AT&T, the network will expect you to patronize only the network through the agreed duration stated in the agreement. 

The contract will begin on the day your account has been activated and will continue throughout the agreed time that typically lasts between 12 to 24 months. You will see this specified in the summary of customer service. After the contract duration, the service will automatically continue, following a monthly scheme. The same will be the case if the contract doesn’t have service commitment. 

Activating Your Device

If you bought a device and it arrives at your doorsteps, the device should be activated in the next 7 days. In case you failed to activate the device within that period, AT&T will activate it on your behalf in 30 days of shipping. Your recurring charges every month and any pertinent service commitment start. 

What to Get out of Service Commitment

You will receive some benefits from AT&T as you stay committed to the service. These may include something like a subsidized wireless device. 

You may fulfill the service commitment in 2 other ways. One is you can pay for services defined in the customer service summary. The other way is you terminate the contract before it expires and pays the charge for early termination.

Note that the early termination charge isn’t a penalty. Instead, it is an alternative way to do your obligations within the contract. 

Termination Rights

You can terminate the contract for whatever reason and be spared from paying the early termination charge in the initial 2 weeks after the service has been activated. Once you terminate in 3 days after accepting the contract, the company will return the amount you paid for the activation. AT&T, however, will require you to pay for the charges and other fees acquired and owed within your agreement. 

Likewise, you will need to return the device you bought from the company that you used for the service. AT&T may charge you in case you failed to give them back the device. Returning the device will also call for the restocking charge. In short, you have to think about acquiring and subscribing to the services of AT&T several times before you move forward. 

Tip: Before you avail of the services of AT&T, it is best to know first how the network works in your area. This way, you can avoid any problems and interruptions that may come along the way. 

Does AT&T Give the Subscribers Rights to Cancel Their Subscription or Terminate the Service?

AT&T may cancel the subscription or contract without further notice for several reasons that may include the following:

  • Conduct that has been deemed violating the agreement or the company’s acceptable use policy.
  • Any conduct that may involve the use of derogatory, abusive, threatening, insulting, or unreasonable behavior or language
  • Abusive use of the services or network
  • AT&T discovered you’re underage. 
  • You gave misleading or inaccurate credit details

Does the AT&T Change the Terms & Rates?

The company makes changes to the agreement anytime it needs. It includes discounts, charges, coverage, and technologies. AT&T said they give notice concerning this in advance in the monthly bills or separately in 30 days before the proposed change takes place. Keep in mind that some changes to be made are classified, not materially adverse. 

How Does AT&T Issue Bills?

You’ll get an electric bill on the network’s online account supervision website. Customers can also ask for the paper bills if they prefer. AT&T immediately informs the customers about the expected date of availability of their electric bills. The billing statement will arrive straight to your email inbox.

In terms of calculating the charge, AT&T said the usage and fees every month will be billed based on the customer service outline or rates plan details online. If you ordered a device, the service would be activated before the device arrives, allowing you to start using the service sooner after the delivery. In this case, AT&T may charge you even while the device is on its way to your door. You can ask for credit for that situation.


Knowing ATT terms and conditions is very important to determine how you can benefit from the service before committing yourself. Hope this post helps you make a practical decision today. 

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