Is Wikibuy a Spyware?

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Is Wikibuy spyware? The answer to this is yes. This is indeed a fake website. This is just so useful when offering free coupons for food order processing and shopping. This is true when it comes to different applications and portals. The coupons should never be trusted since they are expired. They also do not give deals and offers.

The website is also suspicious, giving you an edge to search for different stores or products. This is an alluring pop-up strategy that tricks users into subscribing to push notifications. That way, a hijacker will send you any of the unwanted advertisements to desktop.

Gather the Information of a User

Its main goal is to gather the information of a user. It is later then used for its gains. The fake product or coupon search website redirects to the malevolent advertisements. This thereby encourages different adware and injects all other viruses as part of the system.

The malicious entity from the browser hijacker needs to be put to a stop. It is a must to remove the Wikibuy hijacker from the system. The Wikibuy virus increases the multiple extensions of Wikibuy. That also includes the Wikibuy chrome add-ons through the default browser. Once when you click the button for “Add to Chrome”, the hijacker extension is added to the default chrome browser.

Wikibuy Changes the Existing Homepage and More

Plus, Wikibuy changes the existing homepage, web browser settings, search engine results, and more. It increases the ads by generating an income among cyber attackers. It further collects relevant information to emails, passwords, login IDs, geo-locations, banking, IP address, and social media accounts.

If it still shows up as a search engine and home page, the browser hijacker is infecting the browser. This is true to say whether it is Firefox or Google. The website is also claiming for improvised and enhanced web results collected from the search engine.

Even if Wikibuy is a legit search website, it is a rogue site installing adware, viruses, & PUPs. It redirects you to unwanted malicious links serving as the backdoor to malicious threats.

Saves You Money

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The Wikibuy is spyware that lets you save money. It is also easily used. When you install it, the platform begins to compare deals and prices on the e-Commerce platforms you want to go shopping.

For instance, you would want to purchase an item on eBay or Amazon. It does automatically scrub the internet for the item at the best price. It also searches for coupon codes available.

Comes with Unique Features

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The thing about the Wikibuy is that it comes with many unique features. These features enable buyers like you to do shopping. This is also even if you do not use log in to accounts. There is also another feature for a money-back guarantee, order tracking, and gift for the online shoppers. This is none other than the loyalty rewards. Users are given a sense of trust on the platform. They then try out the web extension or the application.

One more, the service is free to use among users. Platform innovators earn money as buyers are referred to the sellers.

Other Benefits

You won’t need to search through the coupon codes only to end up with one that has expired. Wikibuy is taking all the guesswork from the equation. The advanced algorithms will do the test of the most relevant and the best coupon codes. You will feel that discount shopping is done right. The extension is updated to be a lot faster. It is also instant with the latest update.

For an older version, you will need to uninstall it. You could now continue to the homepage and get the new one. This may seem a pain. But, just be serious about it as it is worth it.


Browse through the Wikibuy browser extension. Its innovation can save you more money. It is also proven to be an efficient platform. It can boost your shopping experience online. Its pros far more outweigh the cons. Nothing can ever affect its performance.

The impressive thing about the Wikibuy is that it is both an app and a chrome extension. Your shopping experience will become more enjoyable. You will get the application installed through your phone. You will enjoy more from saving your money. This is as you go and shop. Indeed, Wikibuy is a site for free. The app is also amazing to use. Its legitimacy is a guarantee that your personal information is safe.

In the case that you are not an obsessed online shopper, you can go without using this extension. Some who are concerned with their privacy may consider the extension features as something alarming.

Wikibuy may still demand improvement. Through the right security upgrade, it could turn into a well-trusted and beneficial tool. Shop for an expensive item or shop online. Wikibuy proves to be a perfect tool!

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