Best Email Servers to Help You Send Anonymous Emails

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You would start to grope on how to send anonymous email without being traced when there’s a need to relay sensitive and substantive information. You don’t want to be identified to protect yourself from liabilities and threats. Emails were created for communication between two parties but it doesn’t need to be that way all the time. 

Replies are not needed in certain situations. The solution for this predicament is sending an anonymous email. You discharge what you need to 

Reasons on Sending Anonymous Email

Being a Whistleblower

An anonymous email can be used to combat crime, fraud, corruption, sexual harassment, and so on. Whistleblowers abide by the law and participate in these scenarios but they also put themselves in a risky situation. 

The guilty party might fire, bully, blacklist them, and even take legal actions for it. So anonymity is like something that protects them.

Journalist on Action

Corporations, powerful institutions, and even the government that have a secret which must not get into the reach of the media. They can monitor journalists who may expose their biggest secret. 

Anonymous emails are the way of journalists to communicate with their source and findings without the risk of discovery.

Prevention of Tracking and Spam

Spammers can gather email addresses from mailing lists, websites, and discussion boards. They spend their time on this as the collection is used for the bulk of email marketing campaigns. 

An anonymous email won’t let you have a clogged spam folder. Some websites would use your information as they forward it to third parties. You are being targeted for the ads. It will happen once you log in.

Reliable Anonymous Email Servers

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There are various online services that can help you send anonymous email without being traced. They allow you to send encrypted emails via their servers. You have to subscribe and pay them for these services. They have different features so you may choose which one works best for you. It all depends on your needs and concerns.

1. ProtonMail

It is one of the most commonly recommended servers. It is a Swiss anonymous email provider that is proven to be sleek with modern email client design and strong security characteristics. 

Aside from anonymous emails, it provides privacy policies, end-to-end encryption, and practices that follow Swiss laws. You can gain all of these by signing up for anonymous mail on this server. You should give you preferred mail and be done with a Captcha. 

Everything goes so simple. You can put this on various devices.

2. TorGuard

It is recognized for its VPN service and good job over online privacy. When you avail of VPN software, an anonymous email comes with it. Of course, you can just subscribe to anonymous email alone. It has 30 GB storage, which impresses many people. 

It’s encrypted to be efficient in providing the privacy of your inbox. There are more nice features you can find on this server. It includes gearing the user for MITM attacks, blocking spam, and malicious emails.

3. Mailnesia

It’s one of the popular anonymous email providers. It is only focused on inbox and it will allow you to create mailboxes that you can set up in different ways. It tackles the RSS feed brought by incoming mails as well as forwarding aliases secretly.

If you need to exchange emails, then it’s not the best choice.

4. SCRYPTmail

It has an encryption ability of 256 bit AES key so users can enjoy using it. Everything is encrypted from the attachment to the locked-down text and white space. You can also lock the encrypted data with a pin.

5. Guerilla Mail

It’s the best option for untraceable anonymous email as it’s void of sign-ups or any form of connection with user data. You would be at ease to use its message box as discreetly as possible. 

You have to create any email name, and you can pick an anonymous inbox from the domain’s list. Then you can use it as long as you want. It would be your choice if you only need temporary communication as it prioritizes anonymity. But no encryption takes place with it, unlike what VPN does.

6. Sendanonymousemail

It has the same nature as Guerilla Mail. You are not required to make any account, any validation, nor linking another email. You would only need to fill-up the form where you will put the email address of the receiver and sender. It is optional for the latter.

The form is where you add the subject message and its body. You will successfully send it once you’re done with Captcha. It hides the message’s origin.

7. Hushmail

Once you get to know Hushmail, you discover its features and support in premium levels. It’s a Canadian company that is dedicated to providing typical email services but consists of privacy features that impress a lot of people.

You can choose from the two packages that it offers, which are for personal and business use. The personal package is filled with one email address with unlimited use of aliases. You can also create your web forms. It has 10GB storage capacity and OpenPGP encryption, and a forced SSL connection to build a fortress of security.

The business package gleams together with its capabilities. It provides the needs of enterprises like law, nonprofits, law, and so on.

Reminders When Using an Anonymous Email

1. Be random about your password. It should be something that you’ve never used on any online account.

2. You have to make sure your anonymous login information, including the password, is secured. A password manager can help you with this intention. Don’t associate it with the same account and password for precaution.

3. Never put anything personal when you create an anonymous account and when you send emails. It is sensitive that even your favorite sports or name of your pet shouldn’t be given.

4. Refrain from logging your anonymous email in your personal accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. 

5. When sending anonymous mail, it’s always best to send it through public WiFi even though you have a VPN.

6. You have to make sure you’re using a reliable and honest VPN that won’t leak your IP address and data. 

Final Words on Anonymous Email Servers

Things that are linked with how to send an anonymous email without being traced might go with some feelings of tension. There’s no need to feel paranoid when you’re familiar with the essential things and steps. 

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