What Facebook Terms and Conditions Ought to Say

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Facebook is one of the top social media apps used by millions of people all over the world. At the back of its fame, there have been issues associated with Facebook in the past few years. Involved users were alarmed and horrified with what the network can do without their knowledge. So, it’s important that you read and understand the Facebook terms and conditions carefully before creating an account. 

You may not be aware of it, but Facebook can record a user’s IP address, the phone numbers of your friends, your email addresses, and the content of your messages. Like any other social media network, Facebook has a long privacy policy and terms and conditions. People are often lazy to read, so they just agree and start using the platform without being certain of their safety and privacy while using Facebook. 

What’s in the Facebook Terms and Conditions?

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Yes, you own all those pieces of information, pictures, and everything else you posted through your profile. However, it does not mean Facebook does not have rights over them. The terms of Facebook said users grant them the non-exclusive, sub-licensable, transferable, worldwide license to use the IP content you posted on and in connection with the platform.

The license ends once you delete your Facebook account. However, when your content was shared with another person, the content is exempted for deletion. Content will be released only when the users who interacted with that content also broke the ties. 

Besides, the content will remain in the backup duplicates for an uncertain amount of time. That’s because Facebook will compare it to the contents of the recycling bin of your desktop PC. 

Other Users

You may think it’s fun to tag your friends on Facebook in some memes or posts. However, the legal terms of Facebook said you are not allowed to tag anyone without his or her consent. Also, it says you cannot send an email invitation to anyone who does not have a Facebook account. 

Your Profile

You agreed not to give any false information about yourself on Facebook and create an account for someone else without his or her permission. Also, you’re not allowed to create 2 or more accounts under your name. When Facebook disabled your account, you can’t create a new one behind their back. 

Facebook also said in its terms and conditions that you should self-police these things:

  • You’ll not use Facebook when you’re a condemned sex offender.
  • You’ll keep your contact details updated and accurate.
  • You will not use your timeline basically for your commercial benefit. Instead, you use a Facebook page for that. 

When you choose a certain username or the same identifier for your page or account, Facebook has the privilege to reclaim or remove it when the platform believes it’s fair and just. For instance, a trademark owner complained regarding a username that is not closely related to the actual name of the user. 

Facebook Makes Money Off You

The terms and conditions of Facebook says users allow the platform to use their names, profile pictures, content, and other pieces of information. This includes sponsored, commercial, and related content, like the brand you want to be enhanced or served by the platform. Meaning, you allow businesses or any entity to pay Facebook to show your name and a profile photo with your information or content without giving back to you. 

Deleting Your Facebook Account

With all these nasty things you learned about Facebook’s terms & conditions, you might be thinking of moving forward and cutting the tie between you and the platform. Yes, you can delete your account on Facebook anytime you wish. However, there’s a problem.

Facebook said the information that other Facebook users shared regarding you stays outside of your account. That can be a photo, video, or anything else. That content would stay visible on Facebook, even if you deleted your account. 

What Can One Do with Facebook’s Terms and Conditions?

There’s no way to rectify or change some parts of the terms and conditions and make them favorable to you. Facebook has the power to do a lot of things within the platform. Hence, you just need to be careful and responsible when using Facebook. 

As everyone knows, Facebook is a nice place to share the best moments of your life. It seems to be a perfect place to let the whole world knows what’s happening in your everyday life, just like what others do. They post what they ate, where they are, or what they do from time to time. 

Instead of doing such things, be wise enough when posting anything on Facebook. Not all things should be shared and posted on Facebook. Don’t share what must be kept in private. While you can’t do anything to ensure your overall privacy while using Facebook, being more responsible as a user will be a great help.


Learning more about Facebook terms and conditions will help you become more responsible and cautious in using the platform. Living without Facebook in this modern age can be difficult, especially if it has been a part of your life for a decade or so. 

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