How Do You Locate A Spyware on an Android?

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These days, people spend most of their time using mobile phones than anything else. It has become a pattern and a routine for some. A day wouldn’t go by without checking for updates, news, and messages. People find entertainment and knowledge through different apps and sites. This presents the advantages of mobile phones.

However, on the darker side, mobile phones are prone to different apps whose sole purpose is to invade privacy and steal data. It would be horrifying to have this spyware installed on our phones.

But how will one know if the mobile has spyware installed? It is very important to understand how spyware works and how it affects our phone and the harm it can do to mobile users. Be vigilant and learn these things.

Signs of Getting a Spyware on your Android

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Are you suspicious of any spyware spying your phone? Review these different tips and check each mark to know if your phone has been secretly stealing your data and privacy.

Unusual Phone Behavior

You might think your phone is haunted because it shuts down automatically, or lights up and makes strange noises even when you are not using it. Well, ghosts may not be the case. It might be because of spyware. Check your phone immediately for any apps that you don’t recollect installing. Check your emails, messages, and other notifications. Delete any suspicious apps and files.

Strange Background Sounds

Have you tried having a call and hearing sudden beeping sounds or static noises? There might be a chance that spyware is recording your calls. This is not a strong case, but it is worth checking. You might also want to consider the reception in the area before panicking. But if the unusual sounds persist for days, then check your phone right now.

Battery Drains Easily

Are you charging your phone for the 20th time today, even when you only use it for a couple of hours? It might be spyware that’s constantly running. Check the apps which consume much of your battery life. There might be something suspicious right there.

Big Changes in Data Usage

It is likewise important to check your data usage to know which apps are using most of your data. Spyware uses more data since it is always running. It is easier to track any spyware this way. If you are concerned with your data charges, then go check the apps you have installed.

Sudden Pop-ups

You might get the shock of your day when pop-ups suddenly notify you of unspecified advertisements, claims of winning something, or a link to an unsafe website out of nowhere. You need to consider checking your apps, deleting cookies, or using your phone’s optimizer.

Phone Slows Down

When your phone slows down and heats easily even when you are not using multiple apps at the same time, there might be something wrong. Check it right away. It is always important to set your settings so unverified apps won’t get easily installed.

How to Locate and Remove A Spyware

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There’s only one way to see if there’s spyware on your phone. You’ve got to check your settings and locate spyware on the android phone.

First, go to your phone’s settings. Locate the additional setting button and click it. In the additional setting, you will see the application management button.

Click application management. Inside you will see the list of file names and apps. Scroll through the apps and delete any suspicious files. You can also search for words like spy, trojan, or monitor. These are some of the common file names for spyware.

Another way is to block unverified apps. You will need to go to settings, then the additional settings. Click it, and you will find the safety and privacy button under the application management. Click the safety and privacy button. Find the unknown sources and uncheck the box. This will help you block suspicious applications.

Your phone also has a malware scanner. You can run the app, and it will go through all your files and will try to detect any viruses or harmful applications. Changing your passwords will also help. For your apps and email, use two-factor authentication, which requires you to give codes sent only to your phone.

Now, if you are still uncomfortable and want to erase everything, you can resort to factory reset. This means the phone will reset to its factory setting, and possibly all your files will be deleted. However, you can also back them up. You can check your settings to make sure you got them secured.

To reset your android phone, go to settings and find additional settings. You will see the backup and reset button. Click it and look for the factory data reset button. Click it and tap erase all apps. Once it’s done, you can download all your apps back again.


Spyware can be extremely scary. You can lose all that is stored and get robbed out of your personal information. You must always be careful. There are things beyond our comprehension that only technology and the internet seem to understand. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep ourselves safe.

Thus, be mindful of the apps you installed, the files you download, and the link you click. You can never know what lies ahead after doing these. So, take better care of your phone by doing yourself a favor. Internet and technology’s power are a void yet to be explored. So, always keep your mobile phone safe!

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