Pokemon Go Terms and Conditions: What Users Need to Know

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Pokemon Go has been one of the hottest mobile games played and enjoyed by millions of smartphone users these days. If you have been playing this game for months or years, are you aware of the Pokemon Go terms and conditions? Do you have any thoughts on what it entails? Learning what’s in the terms and conditions of the Pokemon Go is a must for every player. 

What is Pokemon Go?

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It is the AR (augmented reality) mobile game created by Niantic Inc. It requires GPS and the camera usage of mobile phones and other compatible devices. Pokemon Go has very exciting gameplay wherein the players need to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures known as Pokemon. 

These creatures will show up on the screen of your device as if they are in front of you. With its gameplay, Pokemon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon. The game is extremely addictive and enjoyable for both kids and adults. However, one must be aware of what he might be losing once he agrees to the terms and conditions of this game. Doing so means you’re waiving some crucial legal rights. 

What Do the Pokemon Go Terms and Conditions Say to Users?

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The terms and conditions of Pokemon Go contain the following:

  • By playing Pokemon Go, you agree to the terms. If you are below 13 years old and playing, then your parents or guardians agree on your behalf. 
  • You will need to use the Pokemon Trainer Club, Google, and Facebook in signing up before you can start playing. For players who are below 13 years old, their parents or guardians should do it for them. Accounts with incorrect or inaccurate information provided are more likely to get banned. 
  • Do not hurt others or yourself as you play. If you do, the developers of Pokemon Go will not be responsible.
  • Do not modify, copy, resell, distribute, and reverse engineer the mobile app. 
  • The developers may grant full ownership to users for their content. All they ask from the players is to not hide their trademarks or copyright. 
  • Trading seems to be the next thing. The developers warned the players not to bring in real money to the game. 
  • If you stopped playing Pokemon Go for a year, the developers mess up, or players mess up, they can erase the virtual goods collected by players. They do not need to give them back. They may even discontinue a few virtual goods completely, but they will give you up to 60 days prior notice in case it occurred. 
  • The developers are allowing the players to spend cash on Pokeballs and Coins. They don’t promise to return the money. Do you like to buy gold online? The EU is giving people refund rights for some scenarios. This case is not included. 
  • Do not cheat or hack. The developers do not need to ban the players, but they can certainly do it, if needed. If that is the case, expect them to work and collaborate with the law enforcers. 
  • Players are free to send them feedback. Developers are free to do whatever they like with the feedback. 
  • The developers may link to websites of other persons or entities. However, they will not be liable for what those persons or entities do. 
  • Both you and the developers can terminate any account and its access to the service anytime for any given reason.
  • The players are held responsible for their use of the given services. They should not hold the developers liable and pay if they filed a case.
  • For as long as it is permitted by the law, the developers believe they are not at fault when players lose data or money. Even if it seems they are responsible for the incident, the developers do not promise they can give you over $1000. 
  • If you have problems with the terms and conditions of Pokemon Go, you have to use an independent party to solve the problem instead of filing a case against them. If the case is truly serious and sensitive, or you inform them about your complaint in advance, then the developers give you the right to file and pursue a case against them. 


While playing Pokemon Go offers lots of enjoyment, you can’t afford to miss and forget reading the content of Pokemon Go terms and conditions thoroughly. Be sure you know your rights and what the developers try to limit while you play and use the service. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in using this mobile app, then you should avoid using it at all. Otherwise, be responsible enough if you want to keep playing this game. Regardless, reading the terms and conditions beforehand will help you ensure your safety while enjoying and playing.

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