How to Change VPN

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Have you ever heard of a VPN and how it works? We’re quite sure you have! In this age, where the internet is the best source of information, you will get to know everything with just a click. True enough, a VPN is indeed a helpful virtual tool that helps you keep your privacy in this world full of privy individuals and stalkers.

You might not notice it, but different things are working behind the scene while you simply browse on your phone or laptop. The internet is at work in trying to get to understand you and your preference, and this could lead to countless data about you. The problem will arise once these series of data are on the wrong hands. This means your privacy is at stake. Good thing, you can prevent that. Learn how VPN works and how to change the VPN.

What is a VPN?

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A VPN or a virtual private network provides online privacy through a private network when connected to the public internet connection. The VPN will blur your IP address, which can make you untraceable in the online world. The main concern of the VPN is your privacy.

Why is there a VPN service? If you use an unsafe Wi-fi or internet connection, there might be a chance of your private information getting exposed by nosey strangers and hackers. They could use those in their advantages. Thus, VPN will help you hide your information and browsing practices. If you are always connected to different free wi-fi, there might be a chance of your information becoming easily accessible to others. To avoid this, let VPN do the job for you.

What can a VPN hide?

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There are a few things VPN can hide to protect you fully. Learn the different things to see how VPN truly works. Here are a few of those things.

Devices You Use

The VPN will help protect the devices you use, whether they are a computer, laptop, and even mobile phones. Cybercriminals like to prey on your device. If you are connected to public Wi-Fi, it would be easier for these cybercriminals to access your device. They can open your camera to spy on you, access your passwords and information, and may use these against you.

The IP address and your Location

Your IP address, once hackers get them, can be used to access what you searched on the internet and the address where you searched them. VPN will use a proxy IP address that you don’t own. Thus, online privacy is maintained.

Browsing History

You might have noticed why you suddenly see more ads on things you merely searched once a few days ago. This is what happens when there’s no VPN to protect your browsing history. This allows sites and other links to get to you and catch your attention. This data can be sold by the service provider to other companies. So, to keep you safe from that, VPN will do the work.

Change Your VPN on your Windows

Learn how to change your VPN on your Windows. First, click the start button on the lower left side of your taskbar. This will lead you to the Windows Menu.

  • You will then find the Settings icon on the left sidebar of the Windows Menu. Click it open.
  • You will see the different window settings. Click the ‘Network and Internet’ Icon. It is easier to know since it has a globe design.
  • Once you click it, you will find another set of icons. Look at the side menu and find a ‘VPN.’ Click the VPN Icon.
  • Once you do, you will see on the right side at the first button option, which says ‘Add a VPN Connection.’ Click the first option.
  • Next, select the ‘VPN provider Windows Built-In’. Click the drop-down button and choose ‘Windows (built-in)
  • Go to the next second one and type a chosen name under the ‘Connection Name’ button. You can choose any name you want. It could be your VPN provider or anything.
  • Next is to put the ‘Server name or address’. This is given by your VPN provider.
  • Then, select a ‘VPN Type’. There will be six options for you. If unsure, you can choose the ‘Automatic’ option or ask your VPN provider for the correct type.
  • Choose the ‘Sign In’ type. You have four options. You can ask your VPN provider about this also or use the one they used.
  • Now, type the chosen username and password. Lastly, click the ‘Save’ button below. The VPN connection you made will be under the VPN button. Click it and tap ‘Connect. ‘ This will allow you to connect to the VPN you created. You can as well disconnect when you want to stop. You can make other VPN options.
  • Using the same process, you can change your VPN and disconnect to other VPNs.


Learning how to change VPN is easy once you get to have the different things you need, such as VPN type, type of sign-in info, and other information. Make sure to ask your VPN provider for the details. Now, you can save the VPN connection detail. You can choose to disconnect and connect it whenever you want. You can also add another one.

Thus, connecting your VPN and changing it is easier than you think. There’s no need to sweat on it. It is simplified for easy access. Once you decide to get your VPN service for your privacy, you will be relieved knowing all your data and information are sealed and secured away from harmful cybercriminals. Now, you can search the internet without any worries.

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