Snapchat Privacy Policy FAQs

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One of the most enticing applications you can find nowadays that gives great fun and excitement is Snapchat. Snapchat is a photo company that allows its users to share photos with a twist and lots of fun.

This application has become dearly loved by many young men and women on how it can spruce up your photos with little excitement. It allows its users to edit the photos or videos captured with their preferences.

With its great features, many of us have downloaded the app in order to share photos, create lively stories, and post videos that are really fun and exciting. Snapchat can also be used for audio and video calls.

However, just like other applications, Snapchat is also required to present its privacy policy to its users to prevent any misunderstanding and further problems. In this article, we will talk about the frequently asked questions about the privacy policy of the said app.

Privacy policy explained

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Snapchat collects and uses information about its users. Before even using the application, there are some details you need to know about what data is being collected and used as you further utilize it. Its privacy policy allows its users to expect the protection of the data being collected, and the same thing goes to their affiliated apps and websites.

During the sign-up process, Snapchat collects your email address. It also requires its users to enter their names, age, birthdate, password, and contact information such as your phone number. As you get through the sign-up process, Snapchat also collects your photo or your Bitmoji avatar.

As you use the service or buy other associated commerce products, this application also collects your billing information, such as your account details and other related information.

Snapchat also collects the data of your snaps, messages, photos, and videos you save or send to others just like any other website where you provide such information. Being a photo company, it operates specifically by using your camera or photos in order to upload it or share it with others.

The information being collected is used to update the application and create new features as possible. Your information is also used to give you suggestions or contents that may interest you. It will also sort the stories of the friend you watched the most.

Just like other apps, Snapchat also uses ads to keep it running. So, the data being collected from you is also being used to show you ads that might add up to your interest. The good thing about it is that it never sells any information to advertisers. All the data being collected is what you have given.

What is admirable about using the app is that it deletes messages by default. It never stores any messages or snaps unless you wanted it saved to the memories. Moreover, information and data can also be managed in the privacy settings.

Frequently asked questions

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Who to contact regards to privacy concerns and security matters?

If there are any privacy concerns or security matters that need to be addressed, Snapchat can be contacted specifically at

Where are the personal data and information stored?

The personal data and information you provided to Snapchat are stored in their server in the United States.

How does the personal data and information given stay protected?

Snapchat follows the regulatory measures empowered by GDPR and UK data protection laws. With that, it uses such organizational and technical measures to further enhance and make sure that the data provided by the user is secured. The said measure also ensures the users that their personal data and information provided are free from the risk of a security breach and inappropriate processing.

Who has access to personal data and information?

The only people who have access to personal data and information are Snapchat’s personnel with legitimate business needs. Snapchat also ensures that these people have been mandatorily trained. Their access is also being audited.

Are users able to remove the activity-based and audience-based ads?

No. Users cannot remove these ads, but they do have the ability to limit them. If you are using an IOS, you can simply go to the Snapchat setting and look for Limit Ad Tracking to enable. While for Android users, simply go to the Snapchat setting and look for Opt-out of Interest-Based Ads to enable it.

Does Snapchat follow the guideline in line with GDPR and UK protection law requirements?

Yes. Snapchat follows the regulations and laws persuaded by GDPR and UK protection laws requirements. You can review the data processing agreement here.

Does Snapchat use a third-party data processor?

Yes. Though Snapchat uses its own like Snap Inc. and its affiliates to process the data given by its users, it also uses subprocessors or third-party data processors to store and host information. But Snapchat clearly indicates that the use of a third-party data processor is nothing to worry about as it underwent the same security measure it had with its own. You can review the data processing agreement here.


The collection and usage of data are commonly practiced with most social media platforms such as Snapchat. With the information its users have provided, it enables the app to work through it for improvement and also to keep the application running.

While privacy is the main concern, it is the account holders’ responsibility as to what they should share and what not to share when it comes to using such platforms. By understanding how their privacy policy works, one can reflect on how the company prioritizes the safety of its consumers.

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