What is Bytefence Anti Malware?

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There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to anti-malware programs. Bytefence is one of them. Is it worth checking out? Should you install it on your computer? Well, here are some important pieces of information to consider before you try to get this antivirus program. 

Bytefence Anti Malware – Definition

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ByteFence is an antivirus program that protects your PC from malicious programs. This particular program isn’t malicious. However, many experts discourage PC users from installing it because it’s widely used with unwanted programs or adware. 

In many cases, PC users do not know they already installed this program in their devices. It usually happens by accident. Usually, it is a kind of program provided through advertisements and bundled with other programs. Hence, it leaves users puzzled as to where this software originated. 

However, some free downloads and installs don’t disclose and tell users that other software would be installed on their devices, which can be ByteFence. Always pay more attention and be extra careful when you install software because a software installer often entails optional installs. Be careful about what you choose to install. 

Choose custom installation, and do not choose anything unfamiliar to you. Deselect optional software programs that you do not want to install. 

When installed, Bytefence will scan for malware and crapware. Basically, it is a 2nd opinion program that scans malware and viruses. It only scans and never removes the detected malware. When it detects anything, it will just show you a warning message that tells the risks. Ads may also pop up to encourage you to get the software’s Pro version that promises to eliminate those problematic programs. 

How to Tell that Your Computer Has ByteFence Anti Malware and How to Get Rid of It?

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You may even fail to notice that this anti-malware is already in your PC until the warning window pops up while you’re browsing the web. You may even see the advertisement for the Pro version. 

There are times when ByteFence adds itself to the toolbar of your browser. It may change the browser settings. So, be sure to check your PC for the file bytefence-installer.exe once you suspect it is in your device. The presence of this file confirms you have installed the antimalware. 

The reason PC users hate this software is that it has sneaky techniques as it loads in your device behind your back. Commonly, it gets installed on a device from a freeware and peer-to-peer network website. It often comes as a bundle with other offerings.

Technically, ByteFence is not a virus but a PUP. It is an application that is usually included as a freebie when installing other software. PUPs can come as innocent and useful programs. 

However, they are often regarded as unwanted adware, browser toolbars, Trojans, and bitcoin mining applications. Since they’re unwanted and secretly installed in your device, antivirus providers may categorize them as viruses or malware. That is the way ByteFence got its negative impression as harmful software. 

The best way of getting rid of this sneaky software is using more reputable antivirus software to detect and eliminate various problems like malware and nasty programs like Bytefence. 

The antivirus may take time to get it done. However, this program offers a complete way to eradicate malicious files. Considering that Bytefence is not a computer virus, you can just uninstall. You can get rid of it by uninstalling the application. To uninstall the application on Android, use the Settings application or Google Play Store. If you’re using a Mac device, then you can get rid of Bytefence in 3 ways.

There are several ways to reduce your chances of getting Bytefence or any other PUP. Here are some tips to help you out:

Keep the antivirus software & malware protection installed on your computer up to date. The latest virus definitions are being rolled out regularly. These things help in keeping your device updated on what to search for with the latest malware and virus-based risks. Many antivirus programs will notify you that you have Bytefence. 

Block the PUPs. Potentially unwanted programs are a big annoyance to any computer. Using your antivirus software program, switch on the option available for detecting the PUPs. It will help you as well in catching any software program that tries to sneak and get installed when you install any legitimate program.

Be more careful the next time you need to download a new program. Always make sure the program is legitimate. If you want a free antivirus program, it is best to get it straight from the official website. If you need to download an application, be sure to get it from a reliable source, too. Websites that can be malicious offer add-ons that you do not need, which can be Bytenfence or any other unwanted software. 


Now that you already knew what Bytefence anti malware is and what it does to your device, it is important to ensure your devices are all free from any form of PUP. Protect your device and your safety in whatever you do with your computer. Bytefence is not completely bad, but the way it works made it a PUP. So, you must do something right away as soon as you learn it exists on your PC. You don’t need professional help in doing so. Use what you have learned today and get the job done in no time.

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