10 Best VPN for Torrenting: Must-Try for Torrent Users

A VPN is designed to offer protection to your web traffic against prying eyes and dangerous internet scenarios. However, reality dictates that not all VPNS allow you to freely indulge in torrenting. With more and more people seeking the benefits offered by using VPNs, several options have catered to the needs of those who love torrenting. This list presents the 10 best VPN for torrenting, all of which are considered as a must-try for torrent users.

1) NordVPN

NordVPN offers an interesting combination of quality and cost. It is speedy, offering features such as bulletproof security, and ease of use. The complete process of installation can be finished in less than 3 minutes. This VPN is particularly useful for torrenting, thanks to its specialized P2P servers, with over 4,700 servers across 40 different countries.

2) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a dependable VPN which is known for its consistent speed. It delivers in different aspects of the service, especially in terms of security, server network, and even customer service. It supports torrenting with its more than 3000 server networks located across 94 countries. It features unlimited bandwidth and data.

3) CyberGhost

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CyberGhost offers top-shelf production and ease of use. As such, it is a recommended option for VPN beginners. It features easy to follow menus, along with easy access, thanks to its dedicated P2P profile. It will also allow you to select out of a list of 80 servers that are P2P enabled, including locations such as the Netherlands, UK, Norway, and the US.

4) Surfshark

Surfshark offers a reliable and fast server network that continues to grow.  The apps are filled with added privacy features, giving the assurance that you can stay undetected and hidden even in areas that impose heavy restrictions digitally, including Vietnam, Russia, and China. All of the servers are P2P sharing optimized, so you are not limited to certain locations while enjoying fast and reliable speeds.

5) Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is an impressive VPN, impressing users with its server network and unique, premium features at a very affordable price. Among the advantages offered by this VPN is its port forwarding feature. This is considered as a must-have if your ISP tends to block incoming torrent traffic. Generally, this increases torrent speed.

6) IPVanish

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IPVanish is a respected VPN because of its amazing geo-unblocking abilities, high speeds, and top-notch security. This subscription provides 10 simultaneous connections, which means that your family and friends can also seed the files with you. This is a great choice for private and safe torrenting, keeping zero logs, while delivering amazing speeds on over 1300 servers available. These servers may be used for P2P sharing, which means that you are not restricted to certain locations only.

7) VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a private VPN that was created with its security protocol. As such, it can deliver fast speeds while knocking down geoblocks. This is an amazing choice if you are located in a place where the ISP or government blocks certain torrent sites. It delivers amazing performance with its speed-intensive activities, with its network of over 700 servers, allowing for torrenting traffic.

8) Windscribe

Windscribe is another dependable VPN with extra privacy features which makes an amazing option for staying hidden from radars. It is considered as among the most accessible VPNs to use, with high levels of customer service and a lot of helpful guides on their site. The servers are available in 63 countries, though only 60 allow torrenting.

9) StrongVPN

StrongVPN went through a complete overhaul, now featuring improvements to its server network and apps. It takes pride in its zero logs policy for both connection metadata and traffic contents. A subscription to this VPN provides you with unlimited bandwidth on up to 5 connected devices simultaneously.

10) SaferVPN

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SaferVPN takes pride in offering unlimited bandwidth, along with fast speeds for downloading. A such, it is ideal for torrenting. Its intuitive and simple interface makes it easy to set up and connect. It features a kill switch into its mobile and desktop apps, cutting off the internet when the VPN connection unexpectedly drops.


A VPN is a brilliant way of staying safe as you torrent files. With the use of a VPN, traffic is encrypted, and you can easily hide or mask your device’s IP Address from prying eyes, such as your very own Internet Service Provider (ISP). Still, most VPNs do not encourage the use of P2P sharing. Some even bock it completely. Some do not have the needed security features that will allow you to be completely anonymous and hidden. With hundreds of VPNs that are currently available, the list above contains the best options out there. The top options in this list offer P2P-optimized servers and features, watertight measures in security, as well as unbeatable speeds.

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