Top 10 Email Encryption Software Recommended by Experts

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Email Encryption is an important instrument for businesses to ensure that their email communications are shielded. Email is not a certain technique of transmission, and it can reveal the details of emails, placing private information and data in danger. In consequence, businesses require encrypting delicate emails and accessories.

Encrypting emails is sometimes mandatory when it comes to legal and regulatory grounds. It is as well sometimes the problem that a business has the data, which it wants to be stored privately. Email Encryption Software permits businesses to shield their messages, which has an assurance that the deliberated receiver and providing end-users better and safety constraints can only access them.

With that, we will be exploring the techniques of encryption that this software provides, the controls they offer to IT Personnel, their effortlessness in the side of the senders and receivers, and the excellence of reporting they provide.

Email Encryption Software Features and Abilities

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  • Substantiate for inner and outer users
  • Combination with prevailing email infrastructure
  • Vigorous cryptography
  • Security of files
  • Can support mobile devices
  • Scheme and self-based encryption

Besides, encryption sometimes comprises authentication where the users are compelled to give their identity by utilizing a blend of a username and a password so that they can have authority. Lately, fingerprints and eye retina identification are utilized in the placement of a username and password, which makes it harder for hackers to burgle to the computer systems.

Top 10 Email Encryption Software

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Virtru Email Encryption

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Virtru provides a safe cloud-based email and information encryption software that provides users more constraints over how their emails are interrelated with. With the use of Virtru encrypted email, recipients can directly open their emails as they are encrypted from end-to-end. Also, with this, users can simply read and mail encrypted messages straightforwardly from their inbox, and the administration can comfortably put safety policies to impose extensive organization. This software is said to be the top encryption provision for GSuite, permitting users to encrypt email instantly from Gmail as well as encrypt Google Drive files.

Virtru also permits end consumers to encrypt email straightforwardly from their recipients. From there, they can as well know who has read the emails they have mailed, repeal permission to that email, curb email redirecting, and put watermarks to encrypted accessories. Virtru employs instantly and offers the administrations the ability to know where the emails and documents are being allocated. Administration can as well set, impose, and configure safety protocols across the business in their dashboard.

Egress Email Encryption

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Egress offers email encryption and three email safety services, which comprise of Egress Prevent, Protect, and Investigate. Egress Protect offers business-type of encryption, which is utilized by governments and fabrications to safety the sending of emails. It utilizes AES-256 bit encryption to offer mail-range shielding through a proposition, cloud opening composite services, while inclusive authorities comprise read-only admittance, deactivate attachment perusing, and constricted redirecting of emails. This software is excellent for Office 365.

Additionally, it offers whole inspection logs and permits the end users to rescind permission to sent emails, assisting to stop the contravention of safety. The solution makes it simple for the users of Office 365 to encrypt their emails and mail as well as accept big encrypted documents that do not desert their inbox. Users can as well put watermarks with the receiver’s email add and hinder printing from stopping the magnetic flux of information.

This software is also another top email encryption service to the utilizers of Office 365. The device of this software holds smoothly and continuously in utilizer’s email surroundings; with that, they are given improvement and safety on their email and hassle-free. Egress is wholly acquiescent with information policy like HIPAA. The service is perfect for all kinds of organizations and users like big and small businesses, as well as government organizations.


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Delivery slip sends safely encrypted messages, patterned for utilization with Office 365 and GSuite. This software permits customers to simply deliver safe encrypted messages and accessories with the constraint of the end-users. This assists to stop information loss, which makes delivering private data via email more than the safety and places customers in constraint in delivering their emails. Customers can deliver attachments that have different sizes via Goggle Drive, OneDrive, or their drive that does not have limitations on the size of their inbox.

This as well offers a further constraint console for end customers to deal with their encrypted mails. With this, they can trace when an email has been sent, read, answered, or redirected. End customers can as well call to mind the emails though they were already opened and can constraint whether messages can be answered to and redirected. Customers can put passwords for mails to assure that only the meant receiver can read them. This application is obtainable by iPhone and Android customers.

Echoworx OneWorld Encryption

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Echoworx is a surcharge encryption software that provides six kinds of email encryption. This comprises a safety site gateway that permits end customers to log in to deliver and presented safe messages. It as well comprises end-to-end encryption and Safe PDF encryption. This includes delivering messages in PDF form that can be read by the meant receiver only. Administration can put personalized regulations that determine which messages should be encrypted. End customers can encrypt messages by themselves through the prevailing mail customer.

Furthermore, this software offers high-quality permission and examines accounts. With that, users can perceive those who access encrypted messages. It as well offers more features like big file encryption.

Mimecast Secure Messaging

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Mimecast is an internationally main security seller for enterprises. It provides encryption solution that utilizes the site gateway technique of encryption. With that, customers can deliver encrypted emails through their prevailing mail customers, and receivers can log in to a hypertext file that is connected to the World Wide Web so that they can check them. This also provides reliable and safe software wherein users can deliver messages and will not have a fear of losing their information. It provides several features to secure information. This comprises providing the administration account but does not permit them to check the text of the encrypted message.

Moreover, it provides a level of end customer constraints. This comprises the ability to perceive if the mail has been opened and place limitations on redirecting and printing encrypted messages. They can as well repeal permission when a message was delivered incidentally. These constraints are permitted from the customer’s prevailing email solution, which makes them simple to utilize.


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ZixEncrypt provides regulation-based mail encryption that smoothens the procedure for end customers.  Administration applies custom regulations according to the specific keywords or divisions. This software encrypts messages that come below the said regulations involuntarily. This makes the procedure easy for end customers because they do not need to use their hands in encrypting emails. Encryption does well through a safe gateway, safe encryption for PDF, and end-to-end encryption. This software also provides the Best Technique of Sending characteristic that involuntarily selects the greatest among the techniques to deliver the encrypted message.

Additionally, it regulates content colanders that involuntarily encrypt mails. With this, it delivers an encrypted message; customers solely make a mail and click send. Receivers solely read the encrypted message similar to a regular mail. This encryption software provides regulations for different divisions like healthcare, banks, government, and education.


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Cisco provides a secure and reliable email encryption device that has an extensive level of personalized characteristics and regulations. The encryption technique utilized in this software is a safe web gateway. The administration puts regulations to spontaneously encrypt messages, or else they will do it by hand. The main vigor of this solution is the level of characteristics it provides to end customers. They can remember messages, run out permission to messages, and are given receivers if the message has been read.

Cisco permits customers to constraint the ability of end customers to redirect and answer their messages. These constraints are obtainable through the regular message of users’ receivers, which makes them simple to utilize. The administration has permission to reports, narrating if the said constraints are being utilized. Users love this solution for the level of end customers.

PreVeil Email Encryption

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PreVeil Email Encryption is another software that provides end-to-end encrypted mail solution. It has a larger range of safety in comparison to other products. PreVeil is created on extremely safe encryption quality and puts an encrypted private box to Outlook electronic folder that can receive emails and does not alter the prevailing email add of the users. With this software, only the sender and recipient can perceive the emails. When hackers take aggressive actions to the server, everything they will have is rubbish.

Besides, this software permits IT admins to make, alter, and erase users and organizations, and place organization extensive information and recuperation regulations. Tool management constraints allow administrations to incapacitate lost or taken tools instantly. This is also an extreme solution software and is wholly acquiescent with strict data governance needed like SOC-2, GDPR, HIPAA, and the like. This software is perfect for groups requiring the majority of safe encryption quality to secure extremely delicate information.

Microsoft Office Message Encryption

Microsoft’s Office Message Encryption is a recent encryption solution provided by Microsoft. It can be anticipated that it does instantly via Outlook and Office 365. Those who utilize Office 365 can deliver and receive safe messages smoothly and continuously. Customers utilizing recipients similar to Gmail can perceive encrypted messages in a safe web gateway.

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This software is simple to utilize with Office 365. It provides some helpful characteristics like letting the users deliver safe messages internally and externally, which is simple. It is an inexpensive and simple to apply. Administrations can make personalized regulations for end customers to prevent encrypted messages from being redirected. However, several characteristics are misplaced, like encrypting the attachments. Recently, there is no reporting provided. However, it has already been placed.

Proofpoint Essential

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Proofpoint Essentials has all of the email solutions that offer groups with business-grade email safety, encryption, and logging in a single service. This software permits organizations to spontaneously encrypt delicate messages, expecting to lessen the danger of information loss. This as well provides regulation-driven information loss that spontaneously determines and encrypts delicate data that is sent through email.

Additionally, this permits the IT administrations to make a porous device, which spontaneously determines external messages that must be encrypted. End customers can encrypt messages they deliver by hands to assure that their messages are safe when required. Receivers can open encrypted messages by utilizing Proofpoint safe web gateway wherein they can as well answer with whole encrypted replies. However, as part of the regulations set by Proofpoint, encrypted messages will be removed in 15 days. With the aid of these email encryption software, those who engage with sending emails like private businesses, banks, healthcare, and government sectors as part of their system will now be at ease. Through this platform, emails that are being delivered will now be safe from the hands of hackers. With that, senders and receivers would love interacting through their respective emails.

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