10 Best Free Virus Removal Apps in 2020

10 Best Free Virus Removal Apps in 2020

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In this era when technology is what makes the world go round and lives go on, it is normal for people to be spending more time in front of a PC, laptop, mobile phones, tablets, or any others. Thus, the need for 10 best free virus removal apps in 2020 arose.

It is like life has shrunk into a small world caged in that equipment causing it to mean everything to them. This also opens an opportunity for some violators to use the internet and all forms of technology to scam, rob, and offend others.

Why Anti Virus Removal Apps are Important

More than the price of available antiviruses today is the fact that one cannot do without its help in keeping data and information safely kept confidential unless shared with your permission. An antivirus app or virus removal app is a tool used to combat hackers and scammers who are phishing over the details and activities you provide online.

Antiviruses are meant to detect, scan, and fix or kill existing viruses found in your device. Most antivirus today are after the elimination of malware, ransomware, botnets, Trojans, and other forms of this dirty business. Some of them are given for free while some, after a while of being free to use, are paid, which features a few important differences.

The Difference Between Free Antivirus and Paid Antivirus

Of course, a free antivirus can never be as good as the paid ones. Some services can easily solve problems with viruses and hacking activities but are requiring for some payment to be done.

If you are using the internet for business most of the time, purchasing the paid antivirus would be so much advisable since you do not like to have all your money to be into the hands of somebody else.

Free antiviruses are useful, especially for personal consumption as well. However, a few more features are better saved by the paid ones. It is what you pay for. Full support from customer service agents is just one of those features that free antivirus users might miss.

Independent Lab Testing

It is in such a case that antiviruses are being studied, tested, and examined by experts to compare and see how one is better than the other. Researchers do their job on finding the best FREE antivirus on the internet and compare them with each other.

That way, they can see better between and among all kinds of antiviruses. The majority of the participants who pay to be part of the testing conducted are tech companies that have sensitive data and files stored in their devices that they do not like others to see.

Those big companies do not mind the price of the best antivirus that shall result from such studies. The fact that it is the top secured tool to use makes them feel satisfied and confident instead of worried.

Essential Features of an Antivirus

Before an antivirus software can be called as the best, they must have first certain features that serve as its edge over others. All antivirus software are meant to initially scan your files once installed.

They make sure that files are virus-free in the initial attempt to open it or visit the website. It creates alerts to let users know that they are about to be at risk if they continue with searching on any suspected malware.

10 Best Free Virus Removal Apps in 2020

For that reason, the list below of the 10 best free virus removal apps in 2020 was made and shared for your use, so you may choose the one that fits your need and for your device. You might find this useful, so go on and read.

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  • Kaspersky Free – this product was rated with 4 stars for the following features:

– Perfect for phishing protection

– Good malware-blocking

– Good malicious URL blocking

This turns out not a good one for not having direct tech support that is mostly found in a paid version.

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  • Avast Free Antivirus –this one is best in its rights for possessing the features below:

– Inspects network security

– Manages password

– Browser-independent protection


Despite its various desirable features, this antivirus product remains FREE for all 

users and any device. However, it also has its downsides such as:

– Protection from suspicious URLs is only for Chrome and Firefox.

– Password management is limited and does not have a master password.

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  • AVG AntiVirus Free – this has been greatly commended for having a good result from multiple independent lab tests as well as own hands-on tests.

This antivirus is slower than an average virus removing tool and has no web protection browser extension.

AVG Antivirus Free is as good as Avast Free Antivirus but without its impressive collection of bonus features

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  • Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition of 2017 – the free and paid version of this antivirus is just similar to each. Also, this product can be counted on as the best anti-phishing tool.

However, this antivirus does not have the main features that their paid edition contains.

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  • Check Point Zone Alarm Free Antivirus+ 2017 – several bonus features await users of this free tool. It is tough and with an effective two-way firewall for better protection, too.

This is a product that has been licensed by Kaspersky, lacking so many great features like a regularly paid antivirus such as in terms of:

– Anti-phishing protection

– Detects even the good programs in your PC

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  • Sophos Home Free – its best features are greatly detected in the lab results which includes:

– High anti-phishing protection

– Scored very good in blocking malicious URLs

– Excellent independent lab results

– Can manage up to three PC in different remote locations.

– Protection from download

This software also provides the same business security tools for organized management of people from different areas.

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  • Avira Antivirus – the great result was achieved by this antivirus tool from the independent testing labs. Also, it acquired a good score in malware blocking tests. Its downsides include slow detection on initial scanning and which is only available for Google Chrome and Firefox. 

It has so-so or just normal anti-phishing score and also, its real-time protection missed to detect malware EXEs and, surprisingly, identifying some of the valid and safe documents as malware.

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  • Adaware antivirus free 12 – it performs an entire full scan of safe programs and speeding up subsequent scans, too. Its drawback is that it acquired low scores in hands-on tests, as well as the following:

– Lacking protection against malicious and fraudulent URLs or websites.

– It does not have features that other free antivirus products have. It isn’t the best but can be worked on, too.

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  • Qihoo 360 Total Security 8.6 – this one is simply the best for allowing users to connect and help other friends and family who are staying home. It offers to clean up, tuneup, and to scan for vulnerability as well as other bonus kits.

Its malware protection is just as normal as other tools as well as in blocking malicious URLs. A miserable result from the anti-phishing test as well as for its default configuration being not optimized for security.

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  • Microsoft Windows Defender Security Center – this one is very user-friendly for its easy access to its Window security features and ransomware protection, too. It remains actively working especially when no other antivirus is present.

Low-protection malware and phishing is just so-so. Malicious malwares, too, are poorly detected.

Final Thoughts

These malware, virus, ransomware, etc. remover is a blessing to the tech-savvy, but can be just an ordinary protection for others. The choice is in your hands as to which one you think will serve you well based on your needs and the files you keep.

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