What is the Best Virus Scanner for Android?

What is the Best Virus Scanner for Android?

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You must use the best Android antivirus app on your smartphone or any Android device. After all, it is the broadly used OS worldwide, which means that it has the most significant target for viruses, malware, and vicious users.

Doing everything in our Android device, like online shopping and mobile banking, that have viruses or malware on your smartphones or tablets could be severe, and that is why it’s crucial to install the best virus scan for Android. 

Read on to know what the best virus scan for Android is in 2020, what’s more, is some are entirely FREE to download.

A lot of them do more than run automatic scans, and they dynamically try to keep malicious websites and files from getting downloaded or opened. So, the most secure way to protect your Android devices is to download the best virus scan for Android.

Here are the best virus scanners for your Android:

1. Bitdefender

Bitdefender Mobile Security provides outstanding protection for all Android devices, packed with features such as superior antivirus and anti-theft capabilities. This Android app got perfect scores in the state-of-the-art AV-Test summary, as well as AV-Comparatives (the other critical, independent antivirus test laboratory) perceived a 99.9% security percentage. Indeed, that is very impressive. 

The mobile app gives you actual security for Google Chrome and an automatic feature that asserts to be adept of creating smart recommendations for protection measures, and it depends on your system and usual usage pattern.

Bitdefender also has a well-designed security advisor tool that includes an extra layer of protection through WearOn technology that notifies users if they unintentionally forget their phone behind.

What’s more, is its bundled VPN. The available versions are limited to very light usage at

200 MB every day, though, it’s still useful, if needed.

As stated above, it features anti-theft capabilities, and Bitdefender allows users to remotely find and lock your Android smartphone or device, send messages to the device (which is useful if you lose it). Also, it is possible to erase the device from afar if you so want entirely.

There are numerous features on this antivirus mobile app, and the price is more than enough to protect one Android smartphone or device for one year (or if you want to test the app first, it’s offering a 14-day free trial).

2. Avast Mobile Security

Avast giant designed another superb antivirus app called Avast Mobile Security, which goes over and beyond an ordinary scanner. But it’s an excellent virus scanning and highly rated by independent test laboratories.

The antivirus mobile app smart features comprise an anti-theft program that allows users to monitor and casually lock (or erase) their Android smartphone or tablet if they lose it, or it’s robbed. Also, there are other compelling and exciting performance features such as junk cleaner to make extra memory space and a ‘RAM boost’ that aims to improve your Android devices.

Avast Mobile Security is free, although supported by adverts, but it used to be a paid app. You can either pay a monthly or annual premium to delete the ads if they’re irritating you. Another beneficial paid feature is its ‘in-app locking’ where your Android will require you a PIN before tapping any apps. This inhibits malware from opening apps like online banking automatically.

3. Norton Mobile Security

As another best virus scan for Android, Norton Mobile Security delivers affluence of features like App Advisor, which is supported by Norton Mobile Insight. It examines apps for specific possible security threats, or other annoying behavior such as excessively wearing on your battery (you can get these assessments before you install the application, which is extremely useful).

Norton Mobile Security also gets the highest score for the security its antivirus program offers through AV-Test’s results (other key test laboratories didn’t assess Norton lately).

Also, other capabilities of the app include call blocking, which prevents spam phone calls. Its anti-theft feature permits users to casually shut a lost or stolen device, or erase all data, as well as Wi-Fi protection that notifies you when you link to a doubtful wireless system.

All these results in an excellent level of security for your Android smartphone or tablet. But are there some disadvantages? The antivirus mobile app is expensive, or the recommended quotation price is.

4. AVG Antivirus Free

This antivirus app is another excellent mile app for protecting your Android smartphone or tablet, and it offers a maximum security level for free. AVG Antivirus Free uses a similar favorite antivirus system as the Avast above (keep in mind that Avast purchased AVG in 2016).

Although this isn’t a similar product, and it doesn’t include several of the components you’ll find in Avast’s freebie package. But it’s still designed around strong core antivirus security, as well as anti-theft features that allow you to see, shutdown, or erase stolen (or robbed) Android devices. Like Avast, AVG Antivirus Free is ads-supported. However, upgrading to the paid version, you can remove those ads.

The paid version of the AVG Antivirus Free is packed with extra massive features, including anti-theft capabilities (your Android device closing itself once the SIM card is changed, and ringing an alarm), Wi-Fi privacy scanner, Photo Vault to protect your photos, as well as extra privacy settings like blocking callers.

Also, there are loads of some other features, including performance improvement measures that aim at exterminating excessive processes, turning off battery-draining configurations, and erasing junk files like those often found in the cache and temp folders.

For about two weeks, you can use all these premium features for free when installing AVG AntiVirus Free. However, after that, you must pay.

With numerous features packed in the paid version, it’s no surprise that this mobile app is the most popular antivirus app when you search in Google Play with over 100 million downloads and more than 6.5 million customer reviews and has a 4.5 average score. 

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5. McAfee Mobile Security

This is another best virus scan for Android, and sure, McAfee didn’t disappoint its users. Aside from being a virus scanner, its free version comes with great features such as antitheft and capability to monitor a lost Android smartphone or tablet or shut it down (or delete your information) casually.

Also, it includes McAfee’s capability to test apps to verify if they disclose sensitive data and close them if needed. It evaluates the protection of specific Wi-Fi networks you link to, as well as numerous features to improve the performance of your Android, including its memory, battery, and storage space.

Remember that McAfee Mobile Security is free, and like the other apps, it has ads, but you can remove it through upgrading to a paid version. Also, the app has phone support and additional features like Safe Web privacy for extra protection when browsing the internet. But remember that the Pro version is on the pricey side.

6. Kaspersky Internet Security

The brand Kaspersky proves that it can compete with other major players such as Bitdefender in the antivirus market, so maybe the free version of this virus scanner has some excellent features, like superior malware recognition (exceed the assessments from independent test laboratories).

Apart from benefiting from this Pro core virus scanner protection, it also has other long-lasting antitheft capabilities, which allow users to detect the position of your Android smartphone or device if it’s robbed or lost. Also, you can remotely shut down your device, or delete the information, or snap an image of the person who is using the method (which is an advantage if they’re a robber). An alert can be set off as well (that’s useful if you have misplaced the Android phone).

The support for Android Watch is another excellent feature of Kaspersky Internet Security, which streamlines protection management, as well as this, is a free app, which is a great benefit. On the other hand, the premium version includes the essential features of the virus scanner app.

If you purchase the Premium version of the app, you also avail scheduled virus scans (unlike having to launch them manually) and anti-phishing security to keep you secure online, as well as some other extra benefits. The Kaspersky Internet Security free version offers you excellent malware protection for the generous amount of nothing.

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7. Avira Antivirus Security

Avira is offering another best virus scan for Android that gets a perfect score from the independent testing labs, especially the quality of the virus scanner program. Although ads support the free version, it offers numerous features like Permissions Manager that assesses apps on security measures to help you choose how trustworthy they can trust your information.

Avira Antivirus Security has added Identity Safeguard capability that always tracks if your email ad is leaked in other fundamental information breaches, notifying you of the information of any breach, which is useful. Also, you get a range of anti-theft capabilities features that include its capability to find your Android device, distantly activate an alarm, or distantly shut down or erase your Android device.

Also, Avira’s App Lock is available to keep any sensitive apps by asking a PIN to launch them, and now the VPN is included with Avira Antivirus. However, you get a small amount of every 100MB day data.

The Avira Antivirus Security PRO version eliminates the ads. It includes better customer support, the automated hindering of malicious web pages, hourly updates, with camera and microphone protection to prevent people from prying on you.


With regards to viruses, malware, identity theft, online attacks, and hackers trying to rob credit cards or banking information, your Android devices are similar to your PC when it comes to susceptibility. Your gadget can easily be lost and much more comfortable for robbers to target. That is why you need the best virus scan for Android that both includes antivirus and anti-theft features. Keeping your smartphone or Android device safe and protected has become one of the major priorities and challenges today. Android users would rather lose their wallets than their smartphone or tablet. Hence, keeping all these aspects in mind, make you understand the importance of having a virus scanner for Android.

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