What is Avast Secure Browser and How Does it Work?

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How much do you know about the Avast Secure Browser? This new update is one of the latest offerings by Avast, and is also a more advanced version of the SafeZone browser from 2018.

Earlier, the Avast Secure Browser was available along with other paid Avast products. This has changed after it became a standalone browser.


The Avast Secure Browser is the same in its performance to Google Chrome. It is proven by the benchmark tests conducted on it. This is also true considering the speed. The performance of the browser is never disappointing. It also measures the same range the same as Chromium-based website browsers.

Moreover, Avast Secure Browser lives up to its name. It also has no unique fingerprint. Its privacy ranks higher through the browser’s landscape. Just ensure all features are fully enabled. This is to ensure its maximum efficiency.


The Avast Secure Browser is compatible with the operating system of Windows. It also best supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. This is just not the system supported that leaves Mac and Linux users outdated. When you run a compatible Windows version, you must have a 400-megabyte hard disk space. Install the browser right away.


There are so many features that you will appreciate from the Avast Secure Browser.

  • Bank Mode:This is a big selling point among Safe Zone users. This can be turned on automatically. This avoids your banking details from being stored or stolen. This also ensures your transactions to maximum security and privacy.
  • Avast SecureLine VPN: This browser is interesting to use. This enables you to hire the location. You can then change it to another one. This also helps you when wanting to access the content as restricted in the region. Its functionality somehow depends on the availability of the software used.
  • Anti-fingerprinting and tracking: The secure browser of Avast conceals the identifier number of your unique browser. This helps avoid sites from fingerprinting or tracking you.
  • Adblocker: This is tailored to meet your preferences. This also helps block aggressive advertisements. This, even more, blocks all pop-up advertisements. This is also powered by uBlock origin.
  • Anti-phishing: The browser is also fully-equipped in guarding against the phishing attempts. It alerts and blocks a user of any malicious web pages. This is a preventative and useful measure against the rampant viruses.
  • Flash blocker:This is the best feature for a faster and more enjoyable browsing experience. It also stops the flash content to monopolize the resources.

How Does It Work?

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The Avast Secure Browser is almost exactly the same with the Chromium-based browser. They both have the same interface. The toolbar also brings about ease of access to the extension. Other features can be checked like the virtual private network.

In addition to that, this comes in with a control center designed with ease of use and simplicity. Its Security & Private center is also contacted easily by means of a toolbar link. Use this feature to allow and disallow the extensions on the browser.

More security features can be personalized through browser settings. The Avast also enlisted security solutions proven to be useful in this case. Download all the links for products not found on your device.

How to Download and Install It?


The Avast Secure Browser is readily available for download. It is made free through the official website and is packaged along with any other products.

To start the process of installing it, download the web installer. Easily install it. It comes with more useful options to activate the desktop shortcut. Choose the default language to be used by the software.

Choose if you want the Avast Secure Browser as your main default browser. You may import all settings, cookies, and bookmarks from the present default browser. As per this feature, it is confined to browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. Also, import the bookmarks from the HTML file. Import the bookmarks from the supported browsers. This is when the switch is made straightforward and easy.


Truly, the Avast Secure Browser is known for its high performance. It just leveled itself with other Chromium browsers like Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome. This is impressive despite being a new and fair browser. Avast is impressive as a secure browser, along with its already built security features, and is a secure and simple solution. It is likable as an entry-level type of browser and can be easily used. It only takes about several minutes for you to understand it, and is easy to use if you already have anti-virus software. Plus, there are outstanding features when you choose the freemium option.

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