What is the Best Encryption Software for Windows 10?

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Daily activities include the way we manage our personal data and files. This also holds the same for business owners and organizations. Maybe it is used personally or via the workplace, sensitive data and files are stored in the computers, making them part of our daily routines.

With the growing number of recorded cybercrimes and attacks, the relentless damage it results in has caused panic and worries to many. Regardless of what operating system is being used, it is not exempted from the severe threats from perpetrators to manipulate sensitive data. That is why data encryption software is necessary.

One of the most popular operating systems used by a lot of people is Windows. Through its improvement, Windows has released its newer version, which is Windows 10. Developed by an American multinational company, Windows 10 users are increasing in numbers due to its efficient and effective features.

Windows 10 was released back in July 2015. It is a series of operating systems that is the follow-up version of Windows 8. It is not only used through computers, but it is also used through mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

In this article, we will be talking about the best encryption software that works with Windows 10. But before even going further, let us discuss the factors to consider.

What are the factors to consider when choosing encryption software for Windows 10?

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Security features

When choosing what encryption software to use in Windows 10, one of the most important factors to put into consideration is its level of security and features. The software should be able to protect the keys the most. Without an effective security standard, encryption is not enough. Compromised encryption is nothing compared to encrypted data with great security standards.

With the continuous development of operating systems, the encryption process can be altered and manipulated by the wrong hands without great functionality. The step-by-step computational procedure that Windows 10 data solutions uses usually stays only in the business network. Yet, as there are a lot of options to choose from, especially the key lengths, it is important to learn a little bit more about the algorithm.

Supports AES

Said to be the standard encryption algorithm, AES or also known as Advanced Encryption Standard, is another vital factor to put into consideration. Encryption software that uses AES can allow its users to choose between 128 and 256-bit key length. The higher the bit key length, the higher the round of protection it provides.

Total encryption

As encryption software is widely available today, choosing software that has the capacity to totally encrypt a full disk or drive is one must try. If you want to be fully protected and would not want to miss out on any sensitive data floating around, complete encryption can do the job.

There are different means of encryption that Windows 10 uses. It can be a partition of full-disk encryption. To make sure that all your data in the computer is protected, software encryption that is able to totally encrypt the whole drive can make a lot of difference.

In understanding the factors to put into consideration, it is easy for you to identify which will work the best for Windows 10. In the next section, recommended encryption software for Windows 10 will be discussed thoroughly to help you decide.

What is the best encryption software for Windows 10?

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Every encryption software has different capabilities and unique features. Looking over encryption software for Windows 10 is pretty hard to narrow down to only one solution. As there is not a thing called perfect, the following three encryption software can help you identify which one will work best for you.


  • Open-source file encryption
  • Supports AES
  • Great security features
  • Total encryption
  • Multi-language enabled

AxCrypt is one of the best encryption software for Windows 10 that can secure sensitive data and files. It can encrypt, decrypt, compress, store, and send over data and files without the fear of being attacked by cybercriminals. AxCrypt supports AES of up to AES-256 file encryption, providing an easy and effective encryption process. It is the open-source file encryption that allows everyone to use it without paying any cents. Yet, its premium version works a lot better with its added features and functionality.

It can also work in multiple languages. Not only that, it can be utilized for personal use, and its security functionality can also be used for work purposes. It is an easy and simple-to-use software that doesn’t require its users to be tech-savvy.


  • Open-source file encryption
  • Supports AES
  • Great security features
  • Total encryption
  • Supports up to 37 languages

Veracrypt is also another open-source file encryption which is completely free to use. Just like AxCrypt, VeraCrypt also has a premium version with added features and functionality. Though it doesn’t work in encrypting a single file, it allows its users to encrypt and decrypt in partition or the entire disk or drive. This makes it perfect for those people looking for a total encryption process.

Look no further, as it also supports AES and two other encryption algorithm known as Serpent and TwoFish.


  • Supports AES
  • Great security features
  • Total encryption
  • Easy to use
  • Works best for Windows 10

BitLocker is encryption software that works best for Windows 10, as it was specifically made for Windows operating systems. It can protect the entire drive from unauthorized processing and manipulation.  Talking about the encryption algorithm it uses, it also supports AES, making it perfectly effective for mass data protection.


When deciding what encryption software for Windows 10, you will use, understanding every encryption software’s features options can greatly help you in choosing wisely. As there is a lot of encryption software floating nowadays, what works well for Windows 10 the best are only a few.

The discussed software above is the best software we can find following the factors to consider. One should have great security features, support various encryption algorithm, and the capability to encrypt the entire disk.

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