What is the Best VPN According to Reddit?

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Reddit is considered one of the most dependable sources of opinions on the Internet these days. A lot of topics are discussed by people and communities that share the same interests. In this article, we will take a look at the best VPN option according to Reddit. We will learn more about the analysis of the comments in Reddit about VPNs.

If you have browsed through Reddit, you will find that there are a lot of VPN options that are discussed. However, only those which were discussed heavily within the past one year are listed. Aside from the positive reviews received, these VPNs also offer apps for several platforms, have no serious software issues, do not keep logs, and come with helpful features.

1.      ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is among the most popular services in the VPN world. In fact, in Reddit, it has the most number of reviews, and not just reviews, but positive reviews at that. Some of the comments from Reddit users regarding ExpressVPN include its compatibility with Firestick. It is also known to work well with unblocking Netflix US, UK, Canada, and Germany. The speed of the ExpressVPN in terms of torrenting depends on the server that you choose to use. 

Based on the comments, ExpressVPN is usually associated with torrenting, IP hiding, and streaming. Among its strong points include a 7-day free trial period (Android) without any card required. It also features 256-bit traffic encryption, kills switch for every OS (iOs excluded), high speed, P2P torrenting servers, split tunneling, streaming servers, and more.

2.      Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access, or PIA, is a huge multi-platform paid service which provides a VPN with expanded settings for encryption. It comes with strong features, including available 256-bit encryption, while enabling changing parameters, high speed, kill switch, OpenVPN, P2P torrenting servers, split tunneling, port forwarding, DHCP, Opera, Firefox and Chrome Extensions.

The port forwarding feature, for example, is believed to help in increasing the speed of torrenting, thanks to the presence of more peers and seeders. It is also quite reliable for gaming. It also can tune the VPN better.

3.      NordVPN

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NordVPN meets the demand of modern users for VPN. Aside from privacy protection, it provides unrestricted access to different content. Most of the reviews on Reddit list the basic, general features, including the registered speed, and a check on whether an IP address is leaking.

This VPN app is considered as one of the best because of its access to several servers, tested level of reliability and safety, and support across different platforms. Additionally, its stable support for video services including Hulu and Netflix, and special list of services that offer dedicated IP, torrenting servers and double VPN, are appreciated.

4.      Mullvad VPN

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Mullvad is another popular VPN mentioned in Reddit, especially with its features for anonymity and torrenting. The best part about Mullvad is that it offers support to the new WireGuard protocol, thus allowing top speed and at the same time minimizing CPU load.

As a uniquely paid VPN service, it does not just protect privacy but also allows for registering to the service without the need to enter an email. This guarantees 100% anonymity. Other advantages of using Mullvad includes its stable and fast connections across all platforms available. It also features high speed, high level of privacy and security, torrenting support, and amazing price if you purchase it for a short period.

5.      Surfshark

Surfshark is a paid, multiplatform world-class VPN service that is known for its affordability. It can be considered as a newbie in this business, having been introduced to the market in 2018. The development of this service, however, was so rapid thanks to its popularity and positive reviews.

There are many reasons why Surfshark VPN is considered among the best services out there. This includes a tested high level of reliability and security, support across different platforms, proprietary use of Shadowsocks VPN protocol, consistent support of video services, including Hulu and Netflix. It also features a special list of servers complete with dedicated IPs, multihop, and P2P/torrenting servers.


As mentioned earlier, among the most important ways to determine which VPN is best according to Reddit are positive reviews. However, not only that but certain aspects of the service are also taken into consideration. This includes the features, ease of use, and other factors that make them worthy to be included in the list.

When it comes to browsing through the list of VPNs currently available these days, there are not many real dependable VPN services. In general, free VPNs may not be good in terms of quality, as compared to the paid ones. With this said, concerning VPN use, gaining access to the Reddit website is also easy by using a VPN.

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