How to Be Anonymous Online

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Many would say that the internet was invented for anonymity. It paves the way for a place where you can speak freely. It was once a tool to keep our privacy confidential, and life online quickly wears down our feelings of personal anonymity. But after so many years, the things we do online could compromise our privacy. Popular sites like Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites are our means to explore our personal lives like people before never had. 

However, those average computer users surfing the web don’t usually come with so much invisibility. If it’s not an advertising agency that targets you, it could be cybercriminals who are trying to hack your passwords and confidential information. While it’s harder than once it was, it’s not impossible to stay anonymous online. In this article, we will show you ways to be anonymous online to reduce the number of ads, spam, hacks, and of course, to keep your privacy. 

Importance of Staying Anonymous Online 

Anonymous Online

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Before you know how to be anonymous online, you must be aware of the advantages of being anonymous. Here are the reasons why you must be anonymous online. 

Exercise the Freedom of Speech 

If you are anonymous online, you may be able to exercise freedom of speech without letting other people know your identity. You were given a chance to speak your mind and opinions and share ideas through social media and blogs. 

Freedom of Your Movement 

Being anonymous online can also give you freedom of movement. You can do activities without being bashed or judged by other people. You can shop online, or watch and comment on a video or posts and express your support. 

Safety and Security 

If you’re anonymous online, you wouldn’t have to worry about your security and safety about everything that you’re doing online. You can freely do what you want, without others knowing where you live and everything about you. 

Data Security 

Your personal data is among the most valued information we have and must be kept within ourselves, if possible. If you know how to be anonymous online, then hackers may not be able to obtain it. If you know how to be anonymous, you prevent hackers from accessing your sensitive information like your credit card transactions, personal details, information from the banks, and passwords. 

Ways on How to be Anonymous Online 

Anonymous Online

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If you want to keep personal details and avoid any risks of hacking and spams, then you should know how to be anonymous online. Here are the important things you should know to be anonymous in the online world. 

Browser’s Privacy Settings Should Be Increased

You should know that your browser knows so many things about you. It knows your visited sites and even the services that you have used. If you happen to go to an unencrypted website, then there’s a big chance that your network could be exposed. 

It simply means that personal details and all are visible and have a tendency to be exploited. You must be aware of this so that you would be persistent in knowing how to be anonymous online. 

Make Use of an Anonymous Browser

Just so you know, there are so many anonymous browsers that you can use online. If you know how to be anonymous online, then it will help you maintain your privacy. One of the examples is Firefox. Firefox has already made ways to enhance its privacy, and it now offers data protection. 

Take Extra Careful About What You Post Online 

Privacy is about independence and the idea that you opted to share and open up what you want to remain private. If you are experiencing something, whether it’s positive or negative, don’t let the entire world know it. Don’t post personal issues on social media, as this may not be the best idea. Fraudsters and hackers may take advantage of it. 

Use Blocker of Ads

We all know that advertisements come with many broadcasts. It could target you better and could cause any risks afterward. Having an ad blocker can help your browser block trackers and ads by default. It’s proven to work and does get the job done right. This process is one of the best ways on how to be anonymous online. 

Have a Reputable VPN 

You should be aware that everything you do online can be traced to the computer’s IP address. The physical address of any website is used to connect with the network, and it would be riskier that way. Therefore, if you want to surf anonymously, you’ll need to hide your IP. To hide it, the use of Virtual Private Networks could be a big help. It will hide your location by covering your real IP address while having a “virtual” IP in some other locations. 

Do Not Disclose Your Email

Our email addresses are a big part of our online identity. It’s one of the most kept sources of revenue for people who are doing business online. If there are unsecured sites that you have visited, hackers and fraudsters can easily access the database that contains your credentials, as well as your email address. 

Beware of Spam or Junk Mail 

Let’s admit it, we are not worried about any potential privacy effects associated with our emails. That being said, you’re probably less worried about the spam. But you should know that giving information about your email address will open risks to all kinds of spam. 


It’s normal to be worried when hackers can track you when you surf the web. It also urges you to sign out of any browser you’re in right away. But there can always be good reasons for you to go online without being tracked if you just follow the tips on how to be anonymous online, mentioned in this article. There’s nothing wrong if you want to stay anonymous online because you are just merely protecting yourself from any hackers and opportunists. 

You just only need to be very careful and particular about everything you do online. Always remember that, in every click you make, there is a corresponding outcome. Just avoid putting too much information about yourself and others because it may cause something else. The less you do, the better. In the end, it’s always the safety and the security of your personal information that matters. Do not do one thing that could harm and compromise your details, just follow the things on how to be anonymous online, and you’re good. 


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