How Good is AVAST VPN?


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One of the concerns to look out for on the internet is privacy. To ensure that your data and information is private, you need to take certain measures to keep it locked and sealed. This is why technology has created tools to help you.

You might have heard of a VPN but failed to fully understand what it means. To put it simply, VPN means Virtual Private Network, which gives you the online privacy you need through the creation of a private network from public and unrestricted internet connection.

If you don’t want to expose your private data and information while you surf on the web, the VPN will be there to protect you. This way, your data won’t be open to any strangers using the same network.

One of the most well-known VPNs is the Avast VPN. There are a lot of reviews and issues surrounding this company, but the question is, how good is Avast VPN? Learn and find out!

Get to Know Avast VPN

Description: 2 Reasons Why Avast SecureLine VPN (review) is Not Recommended

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You might have heard of this Czech-based company that has been around since 1988. In 2004, the company started Avast Secureline. Although Avast VPN does not rank best amongst all the other available VPNs, there are still good offers that deserve recognition.

The Avast VPN Service supports the devices and operating system of a PC, Mac, and Android. It also allows a kill switch or a back-up plan which works best in protecting your privacy whenever your connection is lost.

The Avast Secureline has no bandwidth limit and can work on five devices. However, there are only fifty-five servers available in over thirty-four countries. The highest server location in the United States has a total number of sixteen cities.

If you compare this to other VPN providers, this falls short. Most known VPN providers have over a thousand servers worldwide.

Advantages of Avast VPN

Avast VPN

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Avast Secureline offers different advantages. Check them out to weigh your options.

Download Speed

One of Avast’s claims is the speed of their VPN service offered. Compared to other VPNs, Avast has a decently fast speed. Though you can’t consider this the fastest, the speed number is still something to boast of.

Secured Code and Protection

Avast has the AES-256 encryption, which is known to be the best of the best, and is also used by government agencies and security specialists. It has a kill switch and extends a DNS leak protection, which means no private data of yours will leak without you knowing or giving consent.

Good Customer Service

Avast offers a number you can call to answer your queries. There are also a lot of different articles and questions answered online, which makes it easier to solve your problems. Though there is no live chat on their page, you can still send a direct message in their Twitter account.

Disadvantages of Avast VPN

Avast VPN

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Avast Secureline has notable disadvantages which have caused issues and controversy. The weight of the issues continue to drag the company down. Read about them here.

Not suitable with Netflix

You won’t be able to view your favorite movies on Netflix since it will know right away if you are using an Avast connection. This is simply because of Netflix’s issues on VPNs.

Ironic No Log policy and Privacy

The prime reason why you would want a VPN is to get your online privacy. However, this may not work well with Avast. As declared by Avast, they say they don’t store data logs of the online activity. What they do store is connection logs. This includes the account you connect to a server, the amount of time you are connected, the time you disconnect from the server, and the amount of bandwidth you use.

The collected data for over one hundred million devices have been revealed to be sold to other companies such as Google, Microsoft, and others through Jumpshot, Avast’s marketing subsidiary. Though Avast claims that this data remain anonymous, the fact that these are real user data shared with other companies without the user knowing is already a breach of trust.

Should you Use Avast VPN?

Avast VPN

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Most of the security experts who have reviewed Avast would recommend not to use Avast because of the privacy issues. They claim that other VPN providers give better services, secured privacy and cheaper prices, and more server availability. It might be good to try using Avast, but be careful. You know what is at stake and the possible consequence it has on your privacy.


Avast Secureline is not a bad VPN and not the worst one in the market. It has its share of amazing advantages. It is fast, well encrypted, and has proven to work well without any IP or DNS leak. However, you can get the same services at a much cheaper price. It’s not the best option, but it has its good features. Technology and the internet are the two worlds you need to tread carefully. They offer their advantages in a shiny silver platter, but there are many issues you may face. That’s why it is very important to read and understand the company’s policy to know what you will be getting into. In any other internet related activity, prioritize your privacy over anything else.


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