How to Make an Anonymous Call

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Nothing beats having the privacy of protecting your confidential details from strangers. One of the most protected information we have as an adult is our phone numbers. There are instances that you wanted to call someone without them knowing your phone number. With so many fraudsters and swindlers nowadays, the best thing to do is not to let anyone know your personal and confidential information, including your personal number. That being said, it’s better if you already know how to make an anonymous call. 

One example for making an anonymous call is that you want to call your partner using your co-worker’s phone, and your co-worker doesn’t want to let someone know their phone number. So, you need to block the number from showing up to any caller ID. With regards to making an anonymous call, you don’t have to worry about it because this kind of service is being offered by most of the phone companies, without incurring any charge. In this article, you will learn and get so many ideas on how to make an anonymous call. This method is safe and will keep your private details from anyone. 

Anonymous Call: Things You Should Know 

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There are so many reasons why you will not allow certain individuals or organizations to know your personal phone number. Your reasons are accepted, as you don’t like phone marketers, fraudsters, scammers, stalkers, or even robocalls to keep calling and texting you. However, most smartphones nowadays display your phone number when you call somebody. 

So to call anonymously, you should hide your caller ID in your smartphone’s app settings. When you perform this, the person you call using that phone will not see your personal phone number. The only thing they see on their mobile phone’s screen is that a “private number is contacting them.” 

But take note that not all smartphones have the same system and configuration to hide a caller ID. There are different approaches when it comes to Android and iOS devices, and that’s why you need to figure out how to make an anonymous call, regardless of the system you’re using. 

How to Make an Anonymous Call 

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With the endless running apps on our smartphones, we sometimes forget that we may also use our phones to communicate like texting and calling. Since online safety and our privacy become very tenacious, you might believe that there’s no other way to communicate anonymously. Luckily, there is, and there might be different approaches by using iOS or Android systems. 

Anonymous Calls for Android

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Do you want to know how to make an anonymous call for Android phones? Here are the quick and easy steps on how you successfully do it. 

1. On your device, open your phone app that is used to call people. This app is usually located on your phone’s home screen, in the left and bottom corner. Its icon has a phone in it in a green square. 

2. Once you’re in it, tap the three dots located in the top right corner and press the “Settings.” 

3. Then, open the “Call Settings” portion 

4. Choose the SIM card that you are using currently. However, if you are only using one SIM card, then you can just skip this step. 

5. Once you’ve chosen the SIM card, go to “Additional Settings,” then press on the “Caller ID.” 

6. Lastly, select or press the “Hide Number,” and you’re all set. 

Anonymous Calls for iOS

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iOS system also has many users nowadays. Just like making an anonymous call to Android, it’s also very easy to make and configure anonymous calls for iOS. If you are one of the users, here’s a quick and easy guide on how to make an anonymous call on your iOS phones. 

1. On your iPhone, just simply open the Settings. 

2. Then select “Phone.”

3. Once you’re in the “Phone” portion, select the “Show My Caller ID.” 

4. Just toggle on the “Show My Caller ID” option so it will turn off. 

How to Make a Single Anonymous Call 

You can call someone confidentially by just adding an area code on the first part of the number you’re calling. The benefit of this procedure is that you don’t have to go through your phone’s settings and configure it. Making a single anonymous call is just having a private call, and you just need to input the area code. To do this, here are the easy steps: 

1. Let’s presume that the location you’re calling is from the United States. To start this, press *67 to your phone and then listen to any double dial tones. 

2. Once it’s done, just simply dial the phone number you wanted to call. Take note that the person may not answer this because the caller ID will prompt as “Restricted.”

3. After that, press the *67 on your phone, but this time you will not hear the double tone like what you did earlier. You only need to trust the number that is going to show up as restricted. 

See to it that you dial the number 1 and the area code of the person you are trying to call from your phone. This must be done on phones, even if you are making a call locally. If not, the call will not be guaranteed to go through as “Restricted.” 


With the vast technology we have in our world today, there are so many ways to call and to send messages anonymously and safely. You can now hide your phone number whenever you try to contact somebody, if you know how to make an anonymous call. It’s not about having trust issues, but you’re just trying to save yourself from any fraudsters and unsafe matters. 

Just a thing to take note to make this process clear is that the tips mentioned in this article exist to provide you anonymity and safety. Don’t use this to harass and abuse others, just because you know how to. There are a lot of people who have gotten into trouble because they take advantage of the procedure. Use it wisely and just mind your own business. What’s important is your safety, and this knowledge should not end up at the expense of others. 

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