How to Send an Anonymous Email

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Have you ever had the need to send an anonymous email? For some reasons, you just had to, because you don’t want anyone to know your identity. Or perhaps, you are attracted to someone but still don’t know how to start a conversation yet, that’s why you choose to send an anonymous email. For whatever reasons it could be, one thing is certain, you don’t want anyone to know that you’re behind that email.

Your identity is always being tracked by the sites you’re logged into. These sites or browsers are usually filled with trackers to keep the tabs at work. So, if you want to know how to send an anonymous email and not let anyone know your identity, this article will give you guidelines and ideas. Through these ways, you may be able to protect your identity and avoid any risks from happening. 

Reasons Why You Want to Send Anonymous Email 

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Why have the need to send an anonymous email, when you can just send it easily and have your name as a sender? Maybe you are protecting something. Maybe you don’t want to get caught. Before you know how to send an anonymous email, let us first know why you need to send an untraceable and anonymous email.  

You’re a Journalist 

If you’re not aware, journalists can often be targeted and watched by many big institutions. It may be for one reason, these institutions don’t want their secrets to be revealed. Journalists usually send anonymous emails to communicate with their reliable sources. These emails they send also come with findings and some other confidential data. 

You Might be a Whistleblower 

Being a whistleblower and wanting to speak your truth can be very dangerous. An anonymous email is a way to combat crime, abuse, scam, corruption, fraud, or any violations of the law. However, even if a whistleblower intends to fight for truth and justice, they are aware that it’s going to be risky and dangerous for them to reveal themselves.

Anonymity is one way of protecting themselves, especially if they’re trying to fight against big people. If they know how to send anonymous email, they are giving themselves protection and safety. 

Preventing Any Tracking and Spam 

Spammers get available email addresses from any sites, forums, boards, and lists. Once they have it, they use it for big email marketing and campaigns. To avoid getting your spam folder from being cramped with junk messages, you may want to use and know how to send an anonymous email. 

Guidelines on How to Send an Anonymous Email 

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Knowing how to send an anonymous email can also help you keep your security and safety all the time. Here are some quick guides on how to send an anonymous email. 

Come up with a New Email Address 

Of course, you must create a new email address for untraceable emails. Take note that when creating a new account, avoid using information that could track back to the real you. If you want, you can use a fake name and some other primary details that are asked for registration. 

Other email providers will ask you about your real phone number and send a code to verify. It would help if you thought about this thing further when you provide it because it could lead it back to you. 

Make Use of the “Burner” Mail 

The use of burner email will allow you to receive and send emails without them knowing your real identity. These burner emails usually have an expiration and extinguish themselves for a certain period. It will allow you to send an email without creating an account that could track you. It’s like a temporary account to avoid spam. 

Always Use Encrypted Email 

Making use of encrypted email will give you the functionality of shared email services. This happens while encrypting your inbox, emails, and contact lists. This simply means that no one is interfering with the traffic, and has access to your emails. If you know how to send an anonymous email, using encrypted email should be considered. These emails are a great choice to secure communication. 

Make Use of the VPN 

Regardless of the ways used to send an anonymous email, VPN should always be considered. The email may not contain your name, but it may give your IP, hence tracking you back again. This will reveal your location and identity thereafter. This is most likely to happen because the VPN directs your traffic through a VPN server, that’s why the receiver can access your IP. 

Some Things to Consider Before Knowing How to Send an Anonymous Email 

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Of course, even if you’re confident enough to know how to send an anonymous email, there are still some things to consider. Pay attention to these things to give you much awareness. 

1. Always keep your anonymous email’s login details confidential and safe. You can make use of a password manager and avoid saving the data on the same account, which contains a personal password. 

2. Don’t ever log in to your anonymous email account to other services. Consider it different and avoid using it on personal sites.  

3. If you wish to make another account, don’t use the same login details as to your anonymous account. 

4. When you create an anonymous email, never use personally identifiable information, even if it’s your dog’s name or your favorite color. 

5. Always remember that even if you are already using a VPN, it’s still better to send anonymous emails through a public network, than from work or home network. If you do, it may even lead back to you. 

6. Always check if your VPN is working before logging into your account. See to it that it doesn’t contain your IP and always be familiar with some other ways to keep your anonymity safe. 


It can be very useful sometimes to send anonymous emails. It can be because you need to send information for any emergency, or you’re just trying to be a part of the solution. Knowing how to send an anonymous email is one way of protecting your identity from people you refuse to know. You have your reasons, and those should be respected.  Just be very careful and take note of the guidelines and considerations right before you hit the send button. There are also so many ways of getting yourself traced back. You must send anonymous emails for good. Avoid taking advantage of it and spread disagreement and hatred. Always think right before you click, because anything can happen.

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