How to Send an Anonymous Text

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At any point, there will be a time or instance that there is a need for us to send a text message anonymously. Meaning, we don’t have to disclose our identity to the person or group that we are sending the message to. 

Anonymity is important, especially if you are doing inquiries online or by using your phone number. You can do some online inquiries without exposing your phone number and identity.

There are several ways on how you can send text messages without divulging your personal number. Here’s how you can send an anonymous text.

What is an anonymous text? 

An anonymous text is a text message you receive that says the sender is anonymous and has no phone number assigned to it. This can be done using a particular application on the phone or through email. 

How does Anonymous texting work?

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Before we discuss anonymous texting further, let us see first how the normal SMS sending works. From your phone, you compose a message and then look among your contacts and select the contact you want to send the message to. That contact will be able to receive the message just after a few seconds. If you are on his/her contact list, your name will appear, informing that person that the message is from you.

If, in any case, your number is not saved on that person’s phone contact, he or she will still receive the message with your phone number appearing on the sender’s detail.

With anonymous texting, it’s different. You will be sending a message using an application or program and the sender will receive it with “unknown” sender details. No number or email address will show.

Ways to Send Anonymous Text

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There are several ways on how to send an anonymous text message. There are applications developed that will allow you to send a message to any person all over the world. It doesn’t matter where you are. All you have to do is to access the application, compose your message, and then send it. The person receiving your text will have no idea of your details. 

There are also ways to send an anonymous text using websites specifically designed for that purpose. Be careful in accessing websites because there are bogus ones that promise to send your messages but instead install malware on your device and get personal information. This could lead to risky matters so you have to be very careful.

One of the reliable websites to use in sending an anonymous text is

This is by far the simplest and user-friendly website to create text messages and send them anonymously.


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  1. Access website.
  2. On the sender box, select on how you want to appear on the receiver’s box. The most popular choice is “Unknown” or “Anonymous”. Some people put random numbers in that box.
  3. Provide the receiver’s phone number in the recipient box. Make sure to provide the correct country code and make sure that you have the correct number of the recipient.
  4. Next is you need to compose the message that you want to send to the recipient. It will allow you to compose a message within a required number of characters.
  5. If you are done with the message, you can go ahead and send it right away or on a later date.
  6. You need to pay for the text message that you have sent. You can pay using a debit or credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Another safe and reliable website is TxtEmNow. This website will also allow you to send an anonymous email to anyone around the world. 

  1. Provide the recipient’s number.
  2. Create a message that you need to send.
  3. The next page will ask you to confirm the details that you need to send and then it will ask you to click send.
  4. Click send and then your message will be sent with an anonymous recipient.

Text’em is also a similar website. You just need to provide the recipient’s number, create the message that you want to send, click send, and in just a few seconds, your message will be anonymously sent.

These websites are just examples of where you can go and send anonymous emails. They are also safe and reliable. 


In a world where privacy, security, and anonymity are more essential than ever, there’s no doubt that you may find yourself in need of sending an anonymous text to keep your personal information confidential.  Whatever the reason may be, wanting to keep your personal information unknown to someone and to send a text message without showing them your number is a way of protecting your privacy. Remember that your privacy is important. But also, do not use it at the expense of others. Sending anonymous texts should not be used to abuse or harass other people.

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