What is an Anonymous Proxy Tool

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An anonymous proxy tool is a server that functions by a web form. It allows all the internet requests filtered through it, especially hiding your identity. It won’t be difficult for someone to use a proxy on a device. You will use it like you are normally using the internet.

Here are the things that take place when you open the website to further understand what is an anonymous proxy tool. When you put an address on a browser, the device that you’re using will send a message to the website. 

When the web host receives it, the web page will be delivered to your device. It would only do so if it identifies your IP address or internet protocol. The message that you sent earlier has your IP address. The host would likely know your ISP account name. 

So how does an anonymous proxy tool interfere with this transition? It acts as a relay station of all the internet traffic from the user. The request or the message sent by the user doesn’t directly go to the website. It passes through the proxy tool first then it will send your message to the website representing you with a different IP address. So it hides your identity.

A proxy tool will also help you manage internet usage within your network. For instance, a company can block some social media platforms so the employees won’t be able to access it while working. It will also allow you to block malicious sites to prevent harm and threats attacking your device.

Is Anonymous Proxy Tool the Same with VPN?

Although both of them have the same intention of hiding your identity, they function differently. The proxy tool only handles the things within the browser that the user opened. They’re not always on, and it is only within the confine of the opened session on the web.

On the other hand, VPN has a set up for the whole device, including programs and traffic from non-web browsers. It connects instantly once you turn your computer on.

What is an Anonymous Proxy Tool: Advantages and Disadvantages

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The Advantages

Your ID address being hidden brings a lot of advantages. It would allow you to evade geo-blocking. For instance, a website is only available in selected countries. When the country you live in doesn’t belong to the list, the anonymous proxy tool can do the job for you. 

You can connect with a proxy server that is located in the selected countries so you can proceed in entering the website. Another example is when a public WiFi at a university blocks some sites. A proxy tool will help students get into those sites.

There might be censorship set by internet service providers on some content or the website. You can elude these restrictions with an anonymous proxy tool. Search engines will be blocked from the things that you are searching for so they can show things or advertisements that may be of interest.

The Disadvantages

It may sound great with all of the advantages, but a high risk lies behind them. It is due to the absence of encryption when the transfer of data happens from your device to the proxy server. It implies that hackers, government, and law enforcement agencies can view, intercept, and get the data that cross the connection.

To make it simple, an anonymous proxy tool can only hide your IP address but not your online activities. If you want to hide all of them, you have to install VPN software on your devices. 

Free and the Best Anonymous Proxy Tools

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1. Hidester

It goes with SSL proxy support that can protect malicious methods and scripts that are harmful to your computer. It is free, but a lot of people find it the most reliable. 

You have the choice to use the server of the USA and Europe when you browse the internet. It has other features like granting permission to cookies or not, dealing with scripts, and encrypting URLs. 

It also allows you to change the referrer of the browser. So the host site will see that you’re using a different operating system or web browser. It can sweep cookies too. It has a password generator too. Once you get the paid version, you can connect to servers of different countries.


The server it offers is from the USA, The Netherlands, and Germany. It gives you the chance to allow or disable cookies, scripts, objects, and encryption.


Using this anonymous proxy tool lets you access any website like YouTube. You can utilize Europe or the USA servers. Various buttons would pop up when you type the URL at the top of the text box. It allows you to jump right into YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Imgur.

You can block ads, and it gives you control over scripts, cookies, and objects. It’s possible to change the server any time, and it quickly helps when you’re on a restricted website.

4. KProxy

The unique feature of this tool is enabling you to hide the menu that would usually show up on the upper part of the screen. It sometimes disrupts you from browsing. 

Users can just switch as many as 10 proxy servers when one is suddenly blocked at the time of use. It goes with a small app that works on your anonymous status applied in all traffic within the browsers, Chrome and Firefox. It may work as a VPN but only within the scope of those browsers.

5. VPNBook

It is a tool that promotes cleaner and fewer clutter settings. You can access servers in the USA, France, the UK, and Canada. You can type the website that you want to open on the top of the page.

The drawback is it doesn’t have the feature of allowing users to permit or block scripts and cookies.

6. Megaproxy

It has a few unique features. It can block all cookies while you set limitations to animations for only two iterations. The ads on the browser can also be removed by this proxy tool.

Users can enable or disable OS and user-agent identification of the browser. However, there are some things you are not allowed to execute.

Since it’s free, you cannot download files that are over 200 kilobytes. It’s not possible to remotely login on the website or submits information. You won’t be able to view 60 pages in 5 hours. The limitations extend to the incapability of blocking JavaScript, streaming media files, and deleting embedded Flash files.

7. Zend2

Some free proxy tools don’t support Facebook and YouTube, but this one does. You also have control over cookies, objects, scripts, and encrypted pages. These features are automatically available, unlike other proxies that you still have to customize before using it.

Final Thoughts on What is an Anonymous Proxy Tool

The anonymous proxy tool makes you move around the world wide web in a discreet way. But you should know the limitations as your activities are not hidden from prying eyes. You will be fine with it, though, as it keeps you secured in a certain perimeter. It also speeds up the internet. 

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