The 10 Best Online Virus Scan For Your Device

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Technology is continuously advancing and improving our lives, but so does the dirty tactics of hackers. Viruses and other similar threats are also upgrading nowadays.  Hackers are consistently finding ways to steal personal information and destroy websites. It is a good thing that we have the 10 best online virus scan to protect our devices from harm. Check them out and see which one will suit your needs.

1. Total AV

Total AV provides real-time protection for your device. It blocks any malicious malware right on the dot. It keeps your device the same from Trojans, Adware, Spyware, Ransomware, etc. It has a very simple but classy interface, which is also user-friendly at the same time. Aside from malware protection, it also has a Safe Site browser extension that you can install on your browser to secure your passwords and cookies. This extension has a huge database of phishing URLs, so you are assured of maximum protection. In case your device is performing slower than usual, Total AV proactively performs a scan. You can also browse anonymously with its VPN feature with the paid version. It can be your best online virus scan.

2. Malwarebytes

As mentioned earlier, hackers are becoming more innovative with their tactics. A simple anti-virus scan application that protects and scans won’t make the cut anymore. Malwarebytes is one of the best online virus scans because it has leveled up its gameplay by offering features you cannot find in traditional virus scanners. While most virus scanners protect the device from familiar viruses, Malwarebytes can protect it from brand new threats. Its technology consists of application hardening, behavior-matching, and anomaly detection, which you can compare to the advancement of artificial intelligence. It can also clean an infected device smoothly, whether it is running on Windows, Mac, or Android.

3. ScanGuard

If you are looking for the best online virus scan which does not take up too much space on the device but still offers real-time detection and protection at the same time, ScanGuard is the perfect option for you. It proactively and silently works in the background to catch danger before it can enter your device system. Scanning can take a while for some, and this makes ScanGuard unique. It is capable of performing actual and scheduled scans at a rapid speed. It also lets you browse anonymously and can block unwanted pop-ups with its Ad Block Pro feature.

4. Kaspersky

Kaspersky is an award-winning online virus scan that is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOs, and Android systems. This reputation might make you see it as intimidating, but it is actually one of the easiest ways to protect your device, whether you are using it for home or for business. It does not only offer protection and scanning for your device for privacy, but it is also widely known for protecting photos, money, and files. It is also trusted by small, medium, and enterprise companies for their data and processes.

5. PC Protect

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If you are not that tech-savvy and just prefer a simple yet powerful online virus scan, you can choose PC Protect. All you need to do is download it, wait for the installation to complete, perform the Smart-Scan, and it will find the harmful stuff in your device. The magic does not end there. Once it is on your device, it will continuously do protection and monitoring.

6. AVG

AVG is a versatile online virus scan. It can be installed on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Aside from protection from Ransomware, it also offers Webcam Protection to ensure hackers can never take a peek in your personal life.  It also helps your device perform faster with its Software Uninstaller since it removes any unnecessary stuff in your files. Its mobile device protection has a theft locker and tracker as well.

7. McAfee

Whether it is for home or business use, McAfee is a go-to online virus scan. Being in the business for more than 30 years, it boasts a massive threat intelligence network. This means it has a greater capacity to identify and protect your devices from harm. One subscription covers protection for Windows desktop computers, Mac, and mobile devices. It can also protect cloud storage.

8. Avast

Avast has tailor-fit features for your desktop computers, MAC, Android, iPhone, and iPADs to ensure premium protection from malware. You can scan whenever you want, schedule it, or set it to scan during boot time. You can also set it to scan only a specific folder or location. It also has a single and multi-device option, and you can also share the protection of your loved ones’ devices.

9. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is another award-winning online virus scan. Unlike most online virus scan which takes a while to be installed, Bitdefender installs in just a few seconds. It also scans at a rapid speed. As it does its scanning job, it does not slow down your device in any way. Since it is fast and lighter, it is recommended for gamers and editors who usually have multiple applications running in the background. It is compatible for Windows, macOS, and Android, and can kick away existing and new threats.

10. Norton

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Norton scans and protects your devices in real-time. It has a multi-layered protection technology to ensure your privacy and financial information is never compromised. You can secure and store your passwords, credentials, and credit information without any fear. It also monitors your usage. If it notices any transaction or communication that is out of the ordinary, it proceeds to block the traffic right away. Aside from protection, it also has secured cloud storage for back-ups, not only in case of extreme ransomware attacks but also for drive failures. Aside from providing protection from harmful malware and Trojan, the best thing about these 10 online virus scan is they are free of charge. The only downside will be the limited features that are only available in the premium version or paid subscriptions. Nevertheless, it does the job of notifying the device owner of any impending danger. Start sorting your best choice among the ten as it is easier and cheaper to protect your current device than to purchase a brand new one.

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