10 Best Free VPN for Better Internet Connection

During the past few years, with threats to internet security becoming more and more rampant, the popularity of using a VPN has grown steadily. Security is something that a VPN promises, but aside from that, it also comes with unique features. These include getting around websites that are geo-blocked, anonymous torrenting, watching TV and sports in other countries, and many more. This duality makes VPN an attractive choice for users.

On top of that, the promise of a better internet connection has drawn more to the magic of a VPN. With the number of options that are available these days, choosing the best one can be daunting. For that reason, we have listed the 10 best free VPN for better internet connection, with the goal of helping you make a wise purchasing decision.

1) Hotspot Shield Free VPN

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Aside from being popular, it is also known for having both a free and a paid version. While it offers basic security, this VPN is also easy to use. Whether you are new to VPN or not, you will be able to enjoy its features in both desktop and mobile versions. If you download the free version first, you are free to upgrade anytime.

2) Proton VPN

This provider offers very strong points for their VPN product. For one, it does not have data restrictions. You can use as much data as you would like to use each month. This is rare for a free option. There is also a good range of clients under this VPN, all of which offer performance levels that are solid.

3) NordVPN

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NordVPN offers a robust collection of security features, along with a wide network of servers. It is an amazing VPN option as it allows for up to 6 simultaneous connections across several server locations. It also performs dependable security features, such as blocking ads as well as other web threats.

4) TunnelBear

The name sounds cute, and the design looks adorable, but this VPN is serious in offering the required security features and an internet connection boost. It provides a wide range of paid-for plan options that remove the usual limitations linked with the free plan. The company, acquired by McAfee, has tuned up to its privacy policy, which means that it now collects lesser data from users.

5) Avira Phantom VPN

Among the strong points of Avira Phantom VPN includes affordable pricing, with its allowance of unlimited devices, even with the free version. It also offers an amazing data logging policy while securing web browsing capabilities. While there are only a few servers and server locations, it can give you the basic features that you are looking for in a VPN product.

6) Speedify

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As suggested by the name, Speedify’s goal is to become the ultimate free VPN provider. Their goal is to make sure that aside from encryption benefits, internet connection stays as fast as possible. This means that they utilize all internet connections available in order to achieve the best performance possible, even combining, as necessary, an Ethernet connection along with a tethered mobile connection.

7) Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN

Kaspersky offers affordable VPN connection, with both free and paid versions. It also features a simple and elegant interface, while allowing both BitTorrent and P2P. As the company behind this VPN primarily specializes in anti-virus services, you may expect only the basic features out of this secure connectivity VPN service.

8) Windscribe

Windscribe offers a generous allowance for data, along with the commitment to protect your privacy. Users can receive up to 10GB of bandwidth every month as part of its standard features, with the option to select from 10 remote server locations. All you need to do is to create an account to sign up.


This VPN comes with both free and paid versions, with the free version allowing up to 2GB of data every month to use. One advantage of using this VPN is that it does not throttle the internet connection speed of the free users, even promising that it does not keep logs or user data storage.

10) ZoogVPN

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This free VPN service offers quite a reasonable and secure connection, without unnecessarily logging in to your internet traffic. The free version can be used on a single device each time, and a 2GB data limit per month. This can be increased by referring to customers who will pay. This provider is quite fast, but, with heavy traffic, the connections will slow down considerably.


From the list above, there are options that give free features, and some that are paid. Free options are ideal if you want to occasionally use them, and do not require much data. For example, it is pretty handy if you want to bypass a specific IP address block. On the other hand, if you are looking for advanced and unique features, having a paid VPN may be the best choice for you.

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