How Do I Get Rid of Mackeeper Malware?

Do you want to finally get rid of MacKeeper Malware? This is for sure, because it is not useful. It is also resistant to you uninstalling it. It is annoying in the sense that it finds its way into your system. While you, on the other hand, do not know it is installed already.

How the MacKeeper Get on Your Mac?

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Mackeeper is picked up after installing Mac Android emulators. These can include VirtualBox, BlueStacks, and Andy. The Mackeeper may have been bundled in any of those.

Also, some people reported MacKeeper from being installed on the system. This is right after the download of Adobe update. A fake version of the Acrobat Reader goes round as well. It is infected as well.

Check for the Menu Bar Preferences

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Take a closer look at the applications folder. Double-click the icon to follow the launching of the app. Next, click the dropdown menu of the MacKeeper. Select for the Preferences. You will then see the General Tab for an older program version. Choose this and remove the tick that is next to the “Show MacKeeper icon in the menubar”. This is true if there is one already there.

Delete Other Files Using an AppCleaner

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You need to download the AppCleaner. This is free and is also an effective tool. Use this when searching out files relevant to an application. Delete them as well. Drag the icon for the MacKeeper on to the AppCleaner. Agree on deleting the files.

Uninstall the MacKeeper

Drag the MacKeeper’s icon through the Trash. This is for you to uninstall it. A window will pop up. You will be asked to get rid of the app. Just click Uninstall MacKeeper if you have a briefer and older exit survey. This will then remove the related files and uninstall the application itself. It does not get all of them, which is when AppCleaner is first used.

There is somehow a recent version of the same app to see in the exit survey. This requires you to choose a reason before clicking Next. Then, submit it. It does not also appear to do any of the deletion of the files.

Do the Final and Manual Sweeping for the Files

A quick and final sweep for the files will be done. This must have been missed by the MacKeeper and the AppCleaner. Follow the steps below.

  • Look through the inside of the hard-to-find folder in the Library.
  • Open the Finder. Press down the Option or Alt key.
  • Select the “Go”, continue to the Library, and also to the Application Support.
  • Search for a folder known as the MacKeeper Holder.
  • When it is present, pop it through the Trash. Empty the Trash as well.

Get Rid of the Pop-ups

Your browser might still get infected with pop-ups. This is also if you picked up the dodgier MacKeeper version. You will deal with this depending on the browser used. Clear the cache and clear the cookies. Remove the extensions.

Follow the steps below.

  • Open Chrome as the main Mac browser.
  • Go to “Window” and the Extensions.
  • Check for those you haven’t chosen installing.
  • Delete them.
  • Select “Chrome” and then go clear the browsing data.
  • Tick the three options.
  • Click “Clear Data.

In Safari, you will need to follow these steps below.

  • Go to “Safari”.
  • Go to “Preferences” and then “Extensions”.
  • Remove anything you deemed suspicious
  • Go to the “Privacy Tab”.
  • Click the Manage Website Data.
  • Search for the MacKeeper to best remove the cookies and cache relevance to the application.

Follow the mentioned ways to get rid of the Mackeeper malware. This is a 3rd-party tool that is also among the most controversial pieces of software. Although they can install other applications, they still carry usage fees. They also claim to protect the computer from viruses that also never existed. Moreover, some have an aggressive ad campaign. This only frightens users into paying for a service or installing something not needed.

If you do not need MacKeeper Malware, it is better not to use it. Remove any of the utilities. Maintain the installed Mac OS. This is the best along with other 3rd party add-ons.

Delete the MacKeeper Malware today. Also remove it from any of the Macs largely deployed. Try out the removal script. Follow the above-mentioned tips to get rid of Mackeeper Malware. It is also a smart thing to double-check.

Just remember that the MacKeeper installs unwanted extensions. They only inject advertisements into your browser. And, they display annoying pop-up windows which do not help along the way.

So, do get rid of MacKeeper Malware now!

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