Top 10 Best Online Virus Scanner

Top 10 Best Online Virus Scanner

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It is essential to review the best online virus scanning options carefully, mainly if you doubt that your computer is a victim of a virus or spyware, which can be demoralizing if left out of control. You have better chances of getting what you need to guarantee that your computer is secured and virus-free if you put a great deal of time and effort into researching your choices of the best online virus scanner.

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1. Avira

Avira’s best online virus scanning employs similar antivirus software as the superstar Avira AntiVirus to examine submitted URLs and files via an online form.

The form requests for your contact information, so the link of that result can be emailed to you, and a maximum of 5 files below 50 MB each can be sent.

50 MB


  • The choice to upgrade for additional features and extensive security.
  • Well-designed, easy to use interface.


  • Not steadfast at identifying phishing malware.
  • Addresses untrue positives with relative frequency.

2. VirusTotal

Upload your file to VirusTotal to have it checked by different antivirus software or key in a website URL, so VirusTotal scans a whole page for vicious links. It also supports the domain, IP address, and file hash skimming.

Archives like RAR and ZIP can be uploaded; however, 550 MB is the superb standard size for a particular file type.

Also, the browser extension is compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox users that agree on URLs to be inspected from the right-click menu and documents to be scanned for viruses and malware a foretime downloading.

Another excellent feature of VirusTotal best online virus scanning is it deals with email too, which means it allows the user to attach a document to the message and deliver it to to be checked.


  • Easy sharing scan findings and search out past results.
  • It is compatible with the Android app to have your smartphone devices safe and protected.


  • For private use only, so it doesn’t allow commercial use
  • Checks only one document at one time.

3. MetaDefender Cloud

Previously known as Metascan Online, MetaDefender Cloud is a smooth website that accepts about 140MB to be uploaded and checked from more than 30 different antivirus software at the same time, such as ones utilized by well-known merchants including Microsoft, AVG, McAfee, and Kaspersky.

Files like ZIP, EXE, and 7Z can also be scanned in MetaDefender Cloud, as well as documents, images, and videos.

Aside from uploading your file to this best online virus scanning, it also scans through website URL, IP address, and hash value.

The result is understandable, and a dark green checkmark is seen at the side of each antivirus system that finds a file is good, and a red mark with virus name signifies it’s dangerous.

MetaDefender Cloud also includes OPSWAT File Security for the Chrome extension that you can download to review downloads

There’s also the OPSWAT File Security for Chrome extension you can install to scan downloads that take place via that browser.


  • More inclusive virus-checking than all other free substitutes.
  • Does not need installation.


  • Must examine files one at a time.
  • Restricted support for browser incorporation.

4. Jotti’s Malware Scan

Another best online virus scanning that allows five files individually with a 100MB limit for a file that you can send to Jotti’s Malware Scan.

The scan recognition status and the date of each antivirus software are presented in a natural reading listing, so you clearly understand which ones did or did not search the file or document to be risky.

Also, comprises a hash exploration if you want not to send the file but rather vital in MD5 or the SHA-1/256/512 encryption hash function of a document. Jotti is only effective if the file or material was reviewed by in a previous date, by yourself or another person.

With the JottiScan, scanning is also available from the desktop.


  • Complete virus-checking classifies false positives from actual risks.
  • Accessible in numerous languages.


  • Ugly interface design with several annoying ads.
  • Suggestively more slowly than other choices.

Notes: This is the best online virus scanning, which is occasionally full, so you queue up before the file is processed.

5. FortiGuard Online Scanner

You can send your file to FortiGuard Online Scanner for a fast check across its scanner. Once you upload the file, you can key in your email address and name if they want to deliver you a message regarding the data. Once you send the data for checking, await the web page to refresh, and you can see the results in the top

The files sent to this best online virus scanning should not be more than 1 MB.


  • Very user-friendly.
  • A website comprises essential security news and assets.


  • File size limitation significantly limits its usefulness.
  • This has no browser incorporation.

6. Kaspersky VirusDesk

This also has the best online virus scanning that backs up URLs and files. A file you send to Kaspersky VirusDesk should be no more than 50 MB.

The website is very user-friendly, all you need is paste the URL and choose the attachment icon to send the file. Press SCAN to start the virus scanning, and the results are displayed from the same website.

If danger is spotted, it will say “Threats detected in <file>” and display the hazard name and other information. Then, you’ll get a clean, “No threats detected” memo.


  • It scans fast.
  • The results are fair and handy.


  • No web browser tools for fast scanning.
  • Cannot review over one file at once.

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7. SafetyDetectives Known Vulnerabilities Scanner

This is one of the best online virus scanning tools about completely online cybersecurity tools. SafetyDetectives Known Vulnerabilities Scanner is a fast and safe way to detect if your computer does have dangerous programs running, or your programs or files need security updates.

The tool examines your web browser and OS settings between the CVE database, and it endorses repairs based upon these susceptibilities.

8. ScanMyServer

ScanMyServer is a security tool that examines your server or website weekly for weaknesses or safety interruptions. There are several excellent weakness scanning tools available, but ScanMyServer is entirely online and free, no download needed.

If you worry about your website safety, ScanMyServer will examine your code for mutual weaknesses and send a complete full report in a few hours of examination. Also, it offers premium service for the user with numerous websites, but for one site, you get weekly news for free.

9. Bitdefender Virus Scanner for Mac

The number of perpetrators and hackers, creating a new virus to attack macOS is growing every day. If your Mac is slowing down, annoying pop-ups, or privacy notifications, consider the free version of Bitdefender Virus Scanner for Mac.

The virus scanner has three unique checks to select from:

  • Custom. Check particular documents or folders.
  • Deep System. The whole system scanning usually takes about 30 minutes.
  • Critical Locations. This is a fast scan that examines the places where bugs are trying to hide.

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10. Norton Power Eraser

The Norton Power Eraser is among the best online virus scanning available. It’s a modernized version that is entirely free to download online. It’s a practical and complete virus scanner that is worthy of use.

It offers comprehensive checking or 1 of 4 progressive scanning options:

  • Multi Boot Scan. This is a System Scan upgraded version for PCs with numerous OS.
  • System Scan. Checks only the OS for weaknesses
  • Unwanted Apps Scan. Review whole program files for PUPs and deliver them to eliminate them.
  • Reputation Scan. Reviews a chosen folder for identified malware files, according to Norton’s malware system.


The best online virus scanning tools help you understand what you’re dealing with regarding viruses and malware that perhaps are already on your PC. To ensure that you know all of these online threats, it’ll be essential to choose the best tool to employ for scanning. People who take time looking for the best online virus scanning will undoubtedly get what they need or want without entirely spending money.

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