What is the Best Virus Protection for MAC?

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One of the common reasons why there is a failure of computers is that it lacks protection from viruses or malware. This crucial reason makes the system go slow, or worse, destroy the computer. Virus protection software is essential, but the sad thing is that their importance is often overlooked, which often results in dreadful consequences.

What is a Virus?

Before we go further on discussing antivirus software, let us know what a computer Virus is. A computer virus is an unwanted program that enters a computer system and can cause damage. It does a lot of malicious actions that affect a computer’s system and its data and files. In simpler terms, a computer virus is a disease in the computer system. Computer viruses can cause your computer to: 

  • Make your computer run slower than it is supposed to.
  • It prevents the computer from booting up.
  • It damages parts of the computer system.
  • Amend how the system operates with the user’s knowledge.
  • Attack other machines connected to the computer.
  • Steal personal data stored in the system.
  • Affect any machine that is connected to the system.

Computer viruses are like human viruses. They can be transported and affect other machines. It can be transported to other computers via email or USB.

Computer viruses were created by skilled computer programmers to destroy the computer system, steal information, or use it to make financial transactions by using another person’s identity. Most computer viruses came from the internet through downloads or when you visit risky websites. They can also come from emails. 

There are several types of viruses:

  • Worms – programs that copy themselves in the network.
  • Trojans – performs malicious functions on the computer without the user’s knowledge.
  • Malware – this is program spies on the user’s activity on the computer and collects personal information. Thefts usually use malware to get the user’s personal information.

What is computer antivirus?

Antivirus software is a program specifically created with the sole purpose of guarding or protecting your computer system from threats of any virus. The software detects any malicious activity on your computer that is caused by the virus. To better understand it, the antivirus acts like a policeman that guards our computer against any virus. It protects the computer system from the virus’ incoming threats and seeks out to destroy the virus, and warns the user of any threats in the system. 

Best Virus Protection for MAC

Mac computers are known to be less prone to attacks of viruses because it has a very secured network and system. Apple has created a system that is very security conscious of protecting its users from the threat of any viruses that can infiltrate their system. But despite that fact, it is still subject to attacks by any computer viruses. Mac is not invisible to harmful computer viruses. 

For this reason, there is antivirus software that is intended for Mac computers and protect your system from the harmful threats of a computer virus. Here is a list of antivirus software that can give the best virus protection for Mac.

1. Intego

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Intego is the top choice when it comes to choosing security for Mac. It protects the computer against Mac malware and from any unauthorized access. The software works to clean up and speeds up your computer. It removes unwanted, duplicate files that are not being used. The Intego software package comes with antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-phishing and firewall that can protect your network. This antivirus software will also allow parents to monitor their kids’ activities on the internet and set the time they spend online.

2. Norton

Norton – Norton antivirus is considered as one of the most popular antivirus software for both Mac and PC. It has outstanding virus protection and performance. Norton packages can cover Mac and PC systems. They are easy to set up and include easy-to-use programs. Norton offers full antivirus protection, firewall protection, financial and identity protection, parental controls, email and spam blocking, system optimization tools, and password manager.

3. BullGuard

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BullGuard – This antivirus is ideal for novice computer users, and it is easy to install. This antivirus keeps all your devices secure. The package includes antivirus, firewall protection, parental controls, financial and identity protection, email and spam blocking, system optimization, password manager, and 25 GB online data backup good for 3 computers.

4. McAfee

  McAfee is also a known product in terms of virus protection. McAfee offers antivirus protection, identity and financial protection, parental controls, hacker and thief firewall protection, and social media link protection and system optimization.

5. Trend Micro

Trend Micro is a prominent product in antivirus and security software development for over two decades. Its maximum security includes antivirus protection, firewall protection, online and financial protection, parental controls, email and spam blocking, social media protection, password manager, system optimization, and 5 GB online backup for 3 computers.

As mentioned earlier, Mac was developed with a very security-conscious system but there is no harm in keeping your computer much more secure. The security covered by these antivirus not only helps in keeping the virus out from your computer but other beneficial software included in the package will keep you protected online. In the end, it is your safety that is on the line and it is better to keep a peaceful mind knowing that your system is protected from any virus attack.

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