How to Remove Epic Games Spyware?

How to Remove Epic Games Spyware?

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Recently, the Epic Games has introduced its online store for Windows. You can easily download the latest games of Epic Games from the medium. They also stated that time in the future, all game launchings would be utterly available via the store. Epic, as a newbie in the overfilled Windows gaming market, has trying its very best to attract developers, particularly those whose gaming titles are according to the team’s Unreal Engine, by proposing delectable revenue agreements.

You’re not here to know about the journey of Epic Games for world dominance, at least on the unique computing front. Perhaps, you’re exhausted from the epic game spyware and want to delete it from your system, yet don’t have any idea of the safest or best ways to do it. If that’s the case, you’re in the right article. Continue reading know how to delete your the launcher as well as the epic games spyware.

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What Is Epic Games Launcher?

Well, it is an app of Epic Games for accessing its online storefront on Windows as well as on macOS. It is the result of the company’s sweats to play with and enter the stores’ market share, such as and Steam. They went full speed to attract creators to their software with guarantees they would get a small percentage of the profits from online sales. Ubisoft joined the team by introducing Tom Clancy’s The Division II on Epic’s special release. Other creators are reported to follow suit soon.

The Launcher is for the Epic Games Store, so as Steam client for the Steam Store for the users and gamers. Launching the app allows you to access Store, where you can scan games available. Although the collections look basic as of now in contrast to the listings of the more reputable rivals, they are working on bettering their game listings with presents from other game creators.

Through the app, a selected game title can be purchased and downloaded. Also, you use this tool to upgrade the gaming title with DLCs or patches when they are open.  Game trailers, system requirements, and summaries are also accessible on the application.

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Is The Launcher an Epic Game Spyware?

Even with its specified targets to offer software like Steam getting value for their bucks and making playing on the PC more liberated for the gamers and economically valuable to the game creators, Store and, in extension, its app has undergone several conflicts since its introduction.

The most bizarre of these accusations is the digital stores. It is not legitimate but a front that the Chinese administration pries on players who put in their sensitive data. The claims attracted such widespread attention that made the company issue a definite contradiction.

More particularly, is the launcher epic game spyware? A big NO. Another explanation is that their license has indirect links with Chinese governance. However, it does not affect its online storefront in any way.

Tencent, which has 40% shares in the game company and is considered among the largest in mainland China and has to keep a close business connection with Chinese governance. This is why allegations gained worldwide attention. This developed accusations that it’s using its funds on the West to pry for the Chinese administration. But there is no proof to support the indictment.

So, therefore, neither the Store nor its app for the Windows is an Epic Games Spyware. That does not mean that you can’t get exhausted from the launcher and want to remove it. To do so is very simple. There are no problematic methods to delete the launcher in contradiction to the wild rumors like on Reddit.

Anyway, should you like several gaming titles on the Game Store and want to keep but suspect that your information will be pried or stolen, you can make an extra effort and download anti-spyware software. Although Windows has its Defender tool, that utility needs more improvement against the spying department. Also, you do over expending a couple of dollars on Auslogics Anti Malware, which is a Microsoft-approved tool for destructive malware and spyware security from any online threats from everywhere.

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How to Remove the Launcher from Windows 10 Computer

As mentioned above, removing Launcher from the computer isn’t hard, nor you ask a CIA and FBI over for synchronized surgical deletion or something. But this does not mean that it will not experience quite a few problems while uninstalling the launcher. Hence, it would be best if you did several things before removing it from the Windows 10 computer.

First, close the app as the administrator. Most people are familiar with using programs as the administrator, yet closing as one? By doing this, you ensure that when closing the launcher, it stays closed rather than leaving some lost hooks in RAM that can avoid it over being removed.

Look for Launcher on the computer, right-click and choose Run as Administrator. Then, click Yes or OK, and a User Account Control appears. The Store can be accessed with administrative rights.

You do nothing in the app. Minimize and move the cursor on the app on the taskbar. Then, right-click the icon and hit the exit to leave out of the game.

Next, assure that no troublesome app process is working in the back. A common mistake that people commit is thinking that exiting an application means finishing all the processes.

Create a Task Manager shortcut through the favorite method. Choose from the Windows Tools menu by hitting the Windows key and X. Also, you can press the Ctrl, the Shift, and the Esc keys simultaneously if you’re more familiar with it.

In the Task Manager’s Processes tab, look for Epic processes, such as the app or anything, and end it. Choose and right-click the bothersome process and choose End task. Perform this for all the relevant procedures.

You’re now set to delete this rascal from your PC. The Windows 10 Control Panel is the next step. Scan by choosing from the Windows Tools menu selection and pick by keying in “appwiz.cpl” (without the quotes) or browsing on the search menu in the “Run” box and press OK.

Make sure the “View by the option” is fixed to Category on the Control Panel. Click the “Uninstall program” under the Programs and Features.

A new window show ups with the listings of the downloaded programs or apps on the PC. For your Windows 10, your listing is only occupied with PC programs downloaded via a process, not with Microsoft Store. If your Launcher isn’t installed in Microsoft Store, you will see it here.

Scroll down to search for the Epic Games Launcher. Left-click it and click Uninstall that shows up. You may have a confirmation pop-up questioning if you want to remove the app on your System. Uninstall to continue.

Windows runs the uninstaller app, and you must follow the instructions. You click additional confirmation buttons if necessary. When it is finished, the uninstaller vanishes, and so is the game app.

But if you download the launcher from Microsoft Store, you must follow a different method to delete from the Windows 10. Hit the Windows key to display the Start Menu, choose Settings to open the app.

On the Settings launcher, System, then Apps & Features to see the complete app listings on your PC. You will also find the Microsoft Store applications here. Look for the program you like to delete and, in this instance, the Launcher. Then, left-click the program to open it. Two buttons appear, the Modify and the Uninstall. Click Uninstall and adhere to the instructions.

To review the other process:

  • On the app, click Settings.
  • Click the System.
  • Choose and Click Apps & Features.
  • Open the Launcher app.
  • Click Uninstall.


That is how you entirely remove the Epic Games Launcher and (maybe the epic games spyware) form the Windows 10 computer. It will be much easier if you think Epic Games isn’t for you, and your heart and gaming skills wanted to return to Steam or other popular digital stores.

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